Don't Limit Yourself: Cahoot vs Deliverr

At their core, Cahoot and Deliverr’s fulfillment networks provide the same service – affordable nationwide 2-day delivery. Within that broad category, though, Cahoot surpasses Deliverr on key aspects of fulfillment.

Deliverr has focused on creating a simple, repeatable low-cost service for standard products. This helps newer sellers with small products get up on their feet, but it’s restrictive to more sophisticated sellers. In contrast, Cahoot is a future-proof solution that is low cost like Deliverr, but also offers sellers more flexibility and value-add services.

Sellers fed up with Deliverr’s limitations, bare-bones service, and nickel & dime approach to pricing come to Cahoot for a solution that will power their growth. We provide affordable nationwide 1- and 2-day shipping without the surprises that undermine your business.

Nationwide 2-Day Coverage
Qualify for fast shipping badges
1-day SFP capable
Affordable fulfillment for standard size products
Affordable fulfillment for large size products
No peak-season surcharges
No peak-season storage price increase
Pre-built integrations with major marketplaces and shopping carts
Responsive customer service
Returns processing
Flexible & merchant-inclusive fulfillment
Allow oversize items
Limit warehouse temperature
Collaborative packaging decisions
Merchants can use their carrier account or ours
Kitting, bundling, and subscriptions
Fast receiving

Expand fast shipping nationwide without juggling multiple 3PL contracts

How Cahoot Ecommerce Fulfillment Works

From click to delivery and every step in between, Cahoot’s powerful and easy-to-use software makes fulfillment a breeze.

Orders flow in from any sales channel where they are automatically routed to the optimal fulfillment center and assigned the lowest cost shipping label that meets the merchant’s delivery promise. Thanks to this high degree of automation, merchants enjoy 99.95% on-time shipping, and 99.99% order accuracy. Finally, advanced monitoring and proactive notifications provide complete visibility of inventory levels at all locations as well as the entire fulfillment workflow – from click to delivery.

Flexible & Merchant-Inclusive Ecommerce Fulfillment

The Cahoot network is flexible and merchant-inclusive. You can choose to continue to fulfill orders for shoppers nearby, while the Cahoot network fulfills orders for shoppers far away. Already working with a 3PL that you like? No-problem. 3PLs that meet our high fulfillment standards are welcome to join the Cahoot ecommerce fulfillment network.

I had my doubts about how a new player can ship thousands of my orders each month. But outsourcing my fulfillment is now so simple thanks to Cahoot’s platform and reliable customer service. They really do everything they can do make sure all my orders are shipped on time and accurately. Nearly all my orders are shipped perfectly.”

John Perieteanu

Owner of QBIT Commerce

Your Customer Data is Safe with Us

Cahoot fulfillment partners never have access to your customer data, product pricing, carrier and marketplace accounts, or credentials. They receive only fully rendered shipping labels and packing lists. That’s it!

From Signup to Shipping in Two Weeks or Less

With Cahoot, there is no tech integration or complex configurations to figure out – simply connect your existing carrier accounts and sales channels. Cahoot software is so easy to use, that your team can learn how to use it in minutes. API is also available for users with more sophisticated needs.

4 Easy Steps to Turbocharging Your Sales Nationwide

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Distribute Inventory

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Activate Shipping Badges