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Lowest Cost by Design

Lowest Cost by Design

Our peer-to-peer model fuels a large and ever-growing network of fulfillment centers with a lower operations cost – which we pass on to our customers.

We invented it to empower entrepreneurs and combat the skyrocketing rent and labor costs that are squeezing Amazon and 3PLs, and you’re the beneficiary. Built for efficiency, our software helps merchant-owned warehouses process 3x more orders than the facility next door.

Industry’s Highest SLA

You might wonder how peer-to-peer fulfillment compares to a traditional 3PL. You’re right. There’s no comparison. Peer-to-Peer is superior! Our advanced monitoring combined with patented technology and highly-vetted fulfillment partners allow us to raise the bar on fulfillment. We even power Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), which has the industry’s most demanding SLAs.

Nationwide 1-Day Coverage

Nationwide 1-Day Coverage

Reach 99% of the US with 1-day or 2-day delivery without leasing new warehouses or contracting with multiple 3PLs.

No matter where your customers are, our extensive footprint of fulfillment locations ensure that your products will ship quickly and affordably.

On-Time Shipping Guaranteed

Cahoot monitors all network activity and notifies you of anything you need to know – in real-time. If it’s not shipped on time, we make it right.

Amazon Fulfillment, Any Way You Want It

Amazon SFP Fulfillment

Get the Prime badge without the limitations and uncertainty of Amazon FBA.

Full-Service Ecommerce Fulfillment

FBM, FBA Forwarding, and MCF all under one roof to lower cost and complexity.

FBA Backup

Never go out of stock – launch new products and grow fearlessly.

Hear from Our Customers

We heard about Cahoot early in 2021, and we’re glad we did. Before Cahoot, we did a lot of regional and national SFP, but we didn’t know how we were going to handle Amazon’s new nationwide shipping requirements.

Now that a lot of our faster-moving inventory is in the Cahoot network, we’re selling SFP nationwide on a level that we’ve never experienced before.

~ Lonnie Kauffman
Kaufmann’s Fruit Farm

I’ve experienced first-hand the power of peer-to-peer with other services like Uber and Doordash. So I thought. “Maybe it could work for ecommerce order fulfillment?”

We were up and running with Cahoot within a week. Onboarding team – amazing. Fast forward three months, and we are rocking and rolling with nationwide SFP shipping. And yes, at really low costs. We’ve seen large spikes in sales in states in the West, South West and the Northeast.

The network partners are super professional and fantastic, and it’s cool to help them with their shipping too. It may sound strange, but there’s this feeling that we are all in this together.

~ Jon Stubblefield
The Hat Pros

Cahoot’s customer service is excellent. This is besides the brilliance of the concept itself, it makes shipping cheaper and more efficient, compared to any other solution I’m familiar with!

~ Shaul Edelman
Ultimate Electronics

Real-time Visibility and Accountability

We don’t just claim to provide high-quality fulfillment; we prove it each and every day by giving you a dashboard that shows you everything that’s happening in real time.

Advanced Amazon Integration

Advanced Amazon Integration

With our powerful Amazon integration, you’ll never have to worry about a missed order tanking your seller rating. Our network helps you go farther with late cutoffs and weekend fulfillment.

Navigate SFP With Confidence

Setting up and managing shipping templates Ideal locations for inventory distribution Identifying SKUs that benefit most from SFP How to stay compliant with SFP metrics And more…

Setting up and managing shipping templates
Ideal locations for inventory distribution
Identifying SKUs that benefit most from SFP
How to stay compliant with SFP metrics
And more…

Getting Started is Quick and Easy

Go live in 2 weeks or less

Connect Accounts & Ship Your Inventory
Connect your Amazon and other sales channels so Cahoot can process your orders using the cheapest shipping rates.
Training & Onboarding
We’ll make sure you understand how the Cahoot software works and train you on the features relevant to your business processes.
You’re All Set to Ship
Ship your inventory and that’s it! You’re ready to start shipping with Cahoot. Technical support is available 24/7 to ensure your success.


It’s easy – send us inventory, connect your accounts, and then as orders flow in, we’ll make sure the product gets to the customer quickly and affordably, every time.

Nope! We’re happy for merchants to join our network just for fulfillment services. Though if you have extra fulfillment capacity and excellent metrics, you should apply to become a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner.

Cahoot’s intelligent fulfillment software makes the whole network work at peak effectiveness, so we will be your single point of contact. Your inventory will likely be placed with a few different merchants, but you’ll only ever work with Cahoot to keep things simple and easy. 

They don’t just do as well as the other guys – they do better. Our network supports Seller Fulfilled Prime, which has the highest bar for success in the industry.

We go further than other 3PLs to protect merchant privacy and data. For instance, when a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner receives instructions to fulfill your order, they don’t get the customer’s full name on the shipping label – just first name and last initial.

Cahoot vs. Traditional 3PLs

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