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Still jumping through hoops to make
ShipStation work in today's eCommerce?

ShipStation's Limitations


Limited support for multi-warehouse operations, leaving you to figure out routing yourself.


So much time is spent comparing rates and picking labels, when your team could be picking and packing.

Hidden Costs

Label automation is not based on cost. You don’t know if you’re printing the cheapest and the most optimal labels.

Modern problems require innovative solutions
It's time to turbocharge your shipping

Shipping Made Painless, For All Orders

Distributed Fulfillment Without The Headache

ShipStation makes it difficult to handle shipping from multiple locations. Even the simplest tasks – like deciding which warehouse to route an order to – require clunky automation or manual work.

Cahoot intelligently identifies warehouses with inventory and always picks the right location to ship each order from. No manual work needed.

Pre-built Integrations

Integrates with all popular sales channels. Connect to any tool using our API

Multi-Warehouse Support

Fully automated shipping labels – no matter your warehouse count

Exception Management

Never miss a beat with intelligent rerouting to handle disruptions

Cahoot is game-changing software.  Recently, we’ve expanded to 2 additional warehouse facilities. The software handled this easily, enabling us to offer affordable 1-day delivery option to more than 35% of the continental U.S. We are more than happy with the results we’ve seen thus far!” -BatteryJack

Ship 10x Faster With Half The Staff

Humanless Automation, Better bottom-line

With ShipStation, your team needs to spend hours manually rate-shopping labels. You’ll need to configure dozens of their “automations” just to do one thing – pick the cheapest label every time.

Cahoot automatically factors in customer ZIP, delivery SLA, warehouses with inventory, available carriers and services to automatically pick the cheapest label on every order. It just works, and you just…print.

Automatic Label Generation

Labels automatically processed before you arrive in the morning

Simplify Order Processing

Ship complex orders faster with automatic box selection

Boost Team Productivity

Little to no human intervention needed. Boost your team’s efficiency

21x Faster Than ShipStation

Reclaim lost time and focus on what matters to your brand

“ I call ShipStation a good introductory platform. But we outgrew that and chose Cahoot.I used to spend Sundays printing shipping labels, and I was miserable and busy. It was nice to get my personal life back. I can come in on a Monday and get my team going right away!” -Home and Garden Supply

Print the Best Label Automatically, Period.

Self-learning system that saves every penny

With ShipStation, you’ve written automation rules, hoping that it picks the cheapest label. But you never really know if you’re saving or losing money.

Cahoot takes the worry away. Automatic rate-shopping and our powerful 3D box / mailer assignment technology give you savings at every step of the shipping workflow.

Automation that Just Works

Compares costs among all possible service and warehouse locations

Multi-line and Multi-quantity

Learns how to deal with complex orders based on your previous choices

Automatic Box Selection

Selects the best-fit packaging for your orders to minimize DIM weights

Boost Warehouse Efficiency

System makes all the important decisions so you can do more with less

So incredibly easy to print the order labels and know that your orders are shipping at the absolute best price. Very adaptable, very professional and I love all the reports you can run to really do a deep dive into your shipping costs and processes. Would highly recommend to anyone shipping 50+ packages per day and that wants more actionable data to improve shipping performance. Really cost effective and well done!” -Hydroponics 4 U

Sell And Ship Everywhere With
Sales Channels and Carriers Integration

Add New Fulfillment Centers and Save Even More

Natively Integrated with Best-in-class Fulfillment Network

With ShipStation, you need to cobble together your 3PL and their software to work together. The experience is disjointed, broken and comes with data security risks.

All Cahoot customers can get access to our vast network of 100+ US warehouses to increase nationwide coverage, without any additional integration.

Cahoot enabled us to do Seller Fulfilled Prime on Amazon which greatly increased our sales. In addition to their software which makes shipping cheap and easy, they provide an extensive warehouse system to fulfill our orders nationwide. Their team is always helpful and ready to give advice or find a quick solution to your problems.” -HealthyLine

Make Money Shipping for Others

The only solution that turns your warehouse into a profit center

All Cahoot Shipping Software customers get an opportunity to join our by-invitation-only fulfillment partner network. As a fulfillment partner, you can earn money fulfilling orders using your current warehouse and team.

No sales, marketing, order routing, rate-shopping, back-orders, or customer service. Just store and ship to get paid. You’ll use the same Cahoot Shipping Software, and the same easy process to fulfill for others.

“As a Cahoot fulfillment partner, our business is able to add revenue using existing resources. Their systems are easy to use and communication is very strong. If you have your own distribution centers or need logistics work done, I absolutely recommend looking in to Cahoot.” -Seattle Coffee Gear

Super Quick and Easy Migration From ShipStation

Fast and Easy Setup

No complex automation rules to set up. Cahoot comes with nearly everything you need right out of the box.

Easy To Use

It only takes minutes for your team to learn to use Cahoot. Simply press Print or scan a barcode to bulk-print your lowest-cost labels.

Ready to supercharge your team's productivity and save money?

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