How It Works

How does Cahoot's shipping optimization work?

Cahoot’s shipping optimization enables trusted and verified merchants to ship orders for each other. Cahoot’s algorithm smartly routes your orders to maximize efficiency, cutting down shipping cost and delivery times.

Step 1

Connect your accounts and select SKUs to optimize
Time: < 30 mins 

Step 2

Cahoot will automatically attempt to optimize orders dailyTime: None 

Step 3

Print the shipping labels for all your eligible orders from Cahoot
Time: < 10 mins

Step 4

Pick, pack and ship your orders before the cut off time
Time: Depends on you

Step 5

Keep track of your shipments via the Cahoot dashboard and notifications
Time: < 5 mins 

Do I have to optimize all my SKUs when I connect my account?

No, you are free to choose which SKUs to optimize first, and the list of SKUs can be changed whenever you’re ready to optimize more SKUs or change your mind on some SKUs.

Can I exclude an order for optimization?

Yes, it can be done through our platform before the cut off time for optimization.

Where can I get my tracking numbers?

Tracking numbers for (1) orders you ship and (2) orders your partner ships are available in the Cahoot console.

How does Cahoot's proactive monitoring work?

Through our robust integration with the carriers, Cahoot keeps track of all your shipments and orders and alerts you for any potential issues and delays.


Which products are eligible for optimization?

Most products from merchants are eligible for optimization. However currently we do not recommend including private label and serialized products for shipping optimization.

Which orders are eligible for optimization?

Orders with single item, and fulfilled by merchant are eligible for optimization. 

Can Cahoot optimize Seller Fulfilled Prime orders?

Yes, Cahoot is fully integrated with Amazon Buy Shipping services to comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service

Will Cahoot optimize Amazon FBA orders?

No, Cahoot currently does not offer FBA optimization.

What packaging am I required to use?

Use only brand neutral packaging that is appropriately sized to ship its contents safely.

Can I include marketing materials (e.g. package inserts) in Cahoot-optimized shipments?



What is Cahoot Shipping Guarantee™?

The Cahoot Shipping Guarantee is a Seller Protection Program that either automatically corrects errors related to a shipping partner’s poor performance or reimburses Sellers for losses associated with the error. Reimbursements are generally paid by the shipping partner that is charged with the performance violation.

What if I miss the carrier pick up time?

Contact the Cahoot Customer Success team to have a new label generated that will ensure delivery by the originally promised delivery date. Fees may apply.

What are the penalties for shipping late?

Fees may apply and repeat offenders will have their Cahoot accounts suspended or terminated.

How does Cahoot address counterfeit products?

We have a zero-tolerance policy. If a customer contacts you about a counterfeit product, please notify the Cahoot Customer Success team right away with all the details and we will investigate promptly. If we learn that a Cahoot merchant is indeed shipping counterfeit products, the issue will be addressed according to our Authenticity & Anti-Counterfeit Policy.


Do I have to change my carriers and/or service types?

No, with Cahoot you can continue using your carriers and your negotiated rates

Can I use Amazon Buy Shipping to purchase shipping labels?

Yeslearn more about special benefits here.

Can I use Amazon Premium Shipping options?


Can I print Cahoot shipping labels using my existing shipping label software?

No, Cahoot labels can only be printed through our label generation feature. We do offer integrations with several popular shipping software to ensure that there is minimal change to your business process while taking advantage of the Cahoot network.

Can I use a 3PL?

Yes, they just need to be able to login to your Cahoot account to print Cahoot Shipping Labels and affix them to the packages they’re shipping for you.

Can I dropship from my vendors to fulfill Cahoot-optimized orders?

No, currently Cahoot does not typically support supplier dropship fulfillment. Howeverm please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


What do I do if a shipment has been lost or damaged?

You should file a claim with your carrier. Typically, national carriers like UPS and FedEx include shipping insurance on packages up to ~$100 by default, but values will vary.

Can I purchase additional insurance?

Yes, please give your requirements for any “additional carrier services” such as insurance, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, etc., and they will be added to your labels accordingly.


Do I need to collect sales tax ?

A seller should collect and remit sales tax wherever they have nexus, what they sell is taxable, their exposure is material, and there is not a state law obligating someone else to collect the tax. We have prepared an in-depth article on this topic, check it out to learn more.


How do I handle returns?

Please follow the marketplace Returns Policy as applicable where the order originated.

Your average number of returns, (e.g. Wrong item was sent, Product damaged, Bought by mistake, etc.) should not increase as a result of participation in the Cahoot network. Please report any concerns to the Cahoot Success Team.

Additional resources from Amazon.com marketplace:

– Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders
– Process return requests
– Manage returns
– Refund Options


Can my shipping partner see my order information?

Only the minimum information required to ship an order is shared: Buyer’s first name, Buyer’s last initial, and shipping address. There is no other personally identifiable information shared with the partner.

Can I trust Cahoot with my data?

We take the responsibility of managing your data and accounts very seriously. That’s why privacy and security are important focus areas for our organization and product development. As an application provider, adhering to industry best practices is only one component of our commitment to privacy and security. Our higher order mission is to treat you and your customers with the respect you deserve.

Data Encryption
Your data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit. Your password is hashed, and we manage our production secrets with secure tools.

Rigorous Product Design
Our projects pass thorough security-design reviews, threat scenarios, and security tests. We also employ a process for continuous assessment. We control access to systems and applications with fine-grained permissions to manage how users interact with the data.

Security and Privacy Training
All employees undergo security and privacy training. In addition, engineers must complete specialized security training.

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