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How does Cahoot work?

With Cahoot you join many other top-rated Amazon sellers collaborating to fulfill orders. With Cahoot, you’ll distribute your inventory to other sellers’ warehouses across the country. In exchange for other sellers storing and shipping your goods. You will do the same for orders in the network. Therefore, you offset any storage and fulfillment costs. So now you can enable SFP or 2-day free shipping and have the network ship your goods cheaper and faster

Zero Additional Cost? Really?

Yes, really. Because sellers on the Cahoot network work together “for each other,” the cost of fulfilling your orders is paid in-kind with you fulfilling orders for the network. Also, because of the exchange, you don’t need to pay extra fees to logistic companies or build your own warehouses across the country. So now, you can offer 2-day or even 1-day free shipping without worrying about your bottom line!

Can I use Cahoot for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders?

Yes, Cahoot is fully integrated with Amazon Buy Shipping services to comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service. Many of our customers found success in boosting their sales by enabling SFP in areas they couldn’t service before.

Will this create unequal work among partners?

No, we understand that fulfillment excellence requires careful planning of resources and labor. That’s why we make sure partners only ship as many packages as their desired capacity. Optionally, if you’d like to fulfill more packages and create an additional source of revenue, please contact us.

Are there volume minimums?

There are no minimums to using our platform, we can facilitate short-term and seasonal engagements, and you are welcome to ramp up or down usage as it fits your business.

What are Cahoot-certified warehouses?

Every warehouse within our network is Cahoot-certified, meaning each has gone through regular in-person inspection for excellent storage practices and picking-and-packing standards. This ensures all of your orders will be fulfilled on time, every time. Because only high-performing warehouses can be part of the network.

Can I arrange shipping directly from my manufacturer to a Cahoot warehouse?

You can arrange your shipment as normal. If you would like assistance with this, please feel free to contact us.


What do I do if a shipment has been lost or damaged?

You should file a claim with your carrier. Typically, national carriers like UPS and FedEx include shipping insurance on packages up to ~$100 by default, but values will vary.

Can I purchase additional insurance?

Yes, please give your requirements for any additional carrier services such as insurance, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, etc., and they will be added to your labels accordingly.


Do I need to collect sales tax?

A seller should collect and remit sales tax wherever they have nexus, what they sell is taxable, their exposure is material, and there is not a state law obligating someone else to collect the tax. We have prepared an in-depth article on this topic, check it out to learn more.

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