Shipping & Labels

All Cahoot shipping labels must be shipped same day.

This is a configurable account setting, but the default time is 9a PT, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

All domestic orders containing single line item, single quantity SKUs that are Open for Optimization will be Processed by Cahoot and should not be shipped until Cahoot Shipping Labels are ready at 9a PT. All of these orders will be shipped with Cahoot Shipping Labels, whether they are Matched with a shipping partner or not.

The Shipping Label Ready page will list all orders with Cahoot Shipping Labels and tracking numbers by 9a PT. Best practice is to hold all single line item, single quantity domestic orders for SKUs Open for Optimization until this time. Cahoot will generate shipping labels for all of them, whether they are Matched with a shipping partner or not.

Navigate to the Bulk Label Print screen, select the orders you wish to print labels for, and click View Packing Slip & Shipping Labels. You can also print labels one at a time on the individual Sales Order page by using the Print button. Learn more.

Cahoot will generate shipping labels for unoptimized orders only if they are single line item, single quantity domestic orders for SKUs that are Open for Optimization.

Ship at your convenience.

All products that are both mapped to the Cahoot Master Product Catalog and Open for Optimization are eligible for optimization.

Cahoot will generate shipping labels for unoptimized orders only if they are single line item, single quantity domestic orders for SKUs that are Open for Optimization. All other unoptimized orders are either optimized or Excluded from Cahoot optimization and will need to be fulfilled using your normal processes.

Use only unbranded packaging that is appropriately sized to ship its contents safely.

You can log into your Cahoot account to see the tracking information for all packages, both the ones you shipped and the ones shipped for you by a shipping partner. You will also receive a notification by email for any issues (i.e. handling exceptions) related to packages in transit because we track every carrier scan throughout the delivery lifecycle. But no news is good news…so please assume delivery was successful unless you hear from us.

No. Amazon handles all shipping and delivery notifications.

You should file a claim with your carrier. Typically, private carriers include shipping insurance on orders up to ~$100, but values will vary.

Yes. Please give your requirements for any “additional carrier services” such as insurance, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, etc., and they will be added to your labels accordingly.

Yes. This is optional based on your preference. Cahoot is fully integrated with Amazon Buy Shipping services to comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service. 

Contact the Cahoot Success team to have a new label generated that will ensure delivery by the originally promised delivery date. Fees may apply.

Fees may apply and repeat offenders will have their accounts suspended or terminated.

The Cahoot Shipping Guarantee is a Seller Protection Program that either automatically corrects errors related to a shipping partner’s poor performance or reimburses Sellers for losses associated with the error. Reimbursements are generally paid by the shipping partner that is charged with the performance violation.

In addition to supporting thermal printing in ZPL format, Cahoot also supports PDF and PNG as print options.

Orders & Fulfillment

Use the “Exclude Order from Optimization” button on the Sales Order page in Cahoot before optimization begins at 8a PT. Alternatively, the Ship By date can be changed to a future date within the Ship By range allowed by Amazon.

Shipping partners are committed to shipping orders with Cahoot Shipping Labels if they are not excluded prior to optimization.

Optimized orders will be missing an Amazon Order ID on your Shipping Label Ready page because you were not the Seller. Orders containing an Amazon Order ID were not matched with a shipping partner, however, Cahoot Shipping Labels will be generated for these orders in addition to the optimized orders.

Orders may be excluded from optimization for the following reasons:

  1. SKU is not Open for Optimization

  2. Sales Order Item condition is not New

  3. Sales Order Item Quantity or Line Item Count are greater than 1

  4. Shipping Address is a PO Box, US Territory, or International

  5. Sales Order has gift wrapping or personalization selected

Tracking numbers are available throughout the Cahoot console including both the Orders For Me to Ship and the My Orders Shipped by Partners screens.

Yes. They just need to be able to login to your Cahoot account to print Cahoot Shipping Labels and affix them to the packages they’re shipping for you.

We do not recommend contributing serialized products with manufacturers warranties to the network at this time.

We have a zero-tolerance policy. If a customer contacts you about a counterfeit product, please notify the Cahoot Success Team right away with all of the details of your test buy and we will investigate promptly. If we indeed learn that a Cahoot merchant is shipping counterfeit products, the issue will be addressed according to our Authenticity & Anti-Counterfeit Policy.

Please follow the Cahoot Negative Feedback Policy as applicable.


Please follow Cahoot Returns Policy as applicable.

Your average number of returns, (e.g. Wrong item was sent, Product damaged, Bought by mistake, etc.), will not increase as a result of participation in the Cahoot network. Please report any concerns to the Cahoot Success Team.

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Privacy & Security

Only the minimum information required to ship an order is shared: Buyer’s first name, Buyer’s last initial, and shipping address. There is no other personally identifiable information shared.

We take the responsibility of managing your data and accounts very seriously. That’s why privacy and security are important focus areas for our organization and product development. As an application provider, adhering to industry best practices is only one component of our commitment to privacy and security. Our higher order mission is to treat you and your customers with the respect you deserve.

Data Encryption

Your data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit. Your password is hashed, and we manage our production secrets with secure tools.

Rigorous Product Design

Our projects pass thorough security-design reviews, threat scenarios, and security tests. We also employ a process for continuous assessment. We control access to systems and applications with fine-grained permissions to manage how users interact with the data.

Security and Privacy Training

All employees undergo security and privacy training. In addition, engineers must complete specialized security training.