Reduce your order fulfillment costs by 30%.

We take the time to customize each customer’s order fulfillment strategy, so you’ll get a quote for exactly what you need.

Some of our 3PL competitors give you cookie-cutter proposals that lump costs together. That means you’re not getting their best price, and you don’t know what you’re paying for.

We’ll show you all the shipping costs up front, and you’ll be thrilled by the total savings – 30% lower shipping costs on average. Yes, 30%.

Their pricing is incredibly reasonable and the team could not be kinder and more involved in the success of your business.

~David P, Paw Life Stores

Cahoot Order Fulfillment
Service Pricing

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Reasonable hourly rates for our teams to safely count and receive your inventory and make it order fulfillment ready. We receive inventory in just 2 business days!

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Efficient cost per cubic foot for the safe and fully insured storage of your inventory. Real-time inventory tracking always available in the Cahoot software.

Order fulfillment expectations monitoring


We itemize the charges for pick & pack, packaging, and shipping so you don’t overpay in the form of fixed fee pricing. Efficient picking and AI-based label creation minimizes your outbound costs.

Why Do We
Customize Quotes?

We take the time to learn your needs and customize your quote to give you the best possible price. And, we do so without compromising on quality or your expectations!

You’ll be heard, responded to promptly, and treated as a business with unique needs.

The result isn’t just a price. It’s a proposal for an order fulfillment strategy that will boost your growth at a price that will beat the competition (trust us, we’ve sent a lot of quotes).

Exactly what I was looking for! From the first call to Cahoot, I felt like I could just sit and relax, and the amazing team will make sure everything is taken care of from A to Z. There is ALWAYS someone there ready to help and guide you through the whole process.

~Eliezer M, Newbend

What’s Included

Cahoot app order fulfillment dashboard

Order and Inventory Tracking

Our shipping software combines order management and inventory management into one so that you have a single source of truth for your ecommerce operations.

See your inventory and each order status in real time for peace of mind and efficient management.

Dedicated USA
Support Team

You shouldn’t have to explain your needs to a new merchant support person every time you need a hand. Our US-based customer support team gets to know your business, so that you don’t have to start at square one when a challenge arises.

We don’t stop there. Our team is famous for proactively finding and fixing issues for you – sometimes before you’re even aware! It’s the foundation of the Power of Many. Our team and our order fulfillment partners are invested in your success.

What an ecommerce order fulfillment network map might look like.

Fast Shipping

We don’t charge extra for fast shipping.

With more than 100 warehouses in our network, we strategically distribute your inventory close to your customers as needed. In fact, you’ll pay less for shorter delivery times.

Turn on fast delivery tags on all your ecommerce channels and boost your sales, but never pay more for this service.

Industry's Highest
Fulfillment Standards

We go further to help boost your growth, and we don’t charge you a dime extra for it.

2pm order cutoffs, weekend fulfillment, Seller Fulfilled Prime, and more are at your fingertips with Cahoot.

Cahoot ecommerce order fulfillment company standards

Our inventory is placed nationwide for fast and affordable B2C orders, with an anchor node for large shipments. The most impressive part of working with Cahoot is the speed at which B2C orders are fulfilled, and the consistently affordable shipping rates obtained.

~Michael P, COO, Cali’s Books

Request a Custom Quote

Chat with our team about your needs, and get a personalized quote with the best price.

Cahoot Order Fulfillment