ShipBob Reviews: Fast Order Fulfillment Should Cost Less

Cahoot vs ShipBob

ShipBob boasts of the big benefits of their nationwide network – so why do they charge so much to ship items to customers quickly?

We know that you’re looking for every edge you can get, so we offer best-in-class fulfillment at our standard, always low cost for all our customers.

Cahoot powers reliable, fast order fulfillment for ecommerce sellers so that you can delight your customers without breaking the bank. Nine times out of ten, we beat ShipBob’s pricing – and we provide a better service on top of that.

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Cahoot Beats ShipBob Pricing

Save over 33% on small items, and even more than 50% on larger ones. Cahoot’s pricing lead all ShipBob competitors.

Cahoot costs more than 30% less than ShipBob to fulfill a Funko POP! Item.
Funko POP!
2.5 x 6 x 10.5 inches, 1 lb
Fulfillment + Shipping Cost Per Item
Zone 2
Zone 4
Zone 6
ShipBob Standard
Cahoot Savings
Fulfillment + Shipping Cost Per Item
Zone 2
Zone 4
Zone 6
ShipBob Standard
Cahoot Savings
Dewalt Drill
4 x 10 x 8 inches, 4.7 lbs
Cahoot costs nearly 50% less than ShipBob to fulfill a MEOWFIA Cat Cave
16 x 16 x 10 inches, 1.37 lbs
Fulfillment + Shipping Cost Per Item
Zone 2
Zone 4
Zone 6
ShipBob Standard
Cahoot Savings

Our Customers Say...

Cahoot has a great app and tech platform for e-commerce and has been a great partner. I evaluated numerous competitors and they provided by far the most compelling combination of good pricing and service, so I can scale my business.

~Mark Dingle, VENTAPAK

Zero Defect Order Fulfillment

ShipBob reviews paint a picture of a company that doesn’t keep its promises. It has just 2 ½ stars on G2, and review after review tells of a company that loses product, ships the wrong items, takes ages to receive inventory, and doesn’t take accountability for mistakes.

In contrast, we power Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime for many of our merchants. Amazon sets the highest bar in the industry for reliability, accuracy, and speed, and we surpass it. No other ShipBob competitors can say that. Whether you’re using us for Amazon SFP or for any other channel, you always get the same best-in-class order fulfillment.

Weekend Order Fulfillment

2PM Order Cutoffs

Faster & more accurate than Amazon SFP requirements

Always a Human to Help

Say goodbye to waiting for days after sending a ticket in to a faceless queue. Whenever you need help, you can go right to your US-based Cahoot support team.

Get self-help on our support portal or contact us by email, chat message, phone, or help desk ticket. Whatever you prefer, we’ll be there for you.

Standing Out Among ShipBob Competitors

Cahoot has been an amazing business partner for me and my ecommerce business. They have great customer communication and clearly care about your success as a business owner. They have made order fulfillment of our products effortless and I cannot imagine the fulfillment process without them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to lighten the load of fulfillment and looking to scale their ecommerce business to new heights.

~Derek Garcia, GN Products

What Do ShipBob Customers Have to Say?

“ShipBob’s dimensional pricing sounds fine, until you realize they do not care at all what size box they use. This is the difference between a ~$5 shipping charge and a $32 shipping charge.”

ShipBob Customer, G2, 2/7/22

“ShipBob customer service is horrible. You talk to a different person every time, and I’m pretty sure that person is not in the US. They take very long to respond, and usually do not fix the issue at hand.”

ShipBob Customer, G2, 12/09/21

“When you look at ShipBob’s prices per shelf or pallet it seems ok but they put very little product on a pallet so it’s gonna be $40 each. They put a 3lb product in a big box so I was charged for 49lbs dimensional weight.”

ShipBob Customer, G2, 5/27/22

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