Low Price Shouldn't Mean Low Standards

Cahoot vs Deliverr

Cahoot and Deliverr are both just third party logistics warehouses (3PLs0 with lots of locations across the United States, right?

We seem similar at first glance, but our differences run deep.

Sellers fed up with Deliverr’s nickel & dime pricing, order fulfillment limitations, and bare-bones service come to Cahoot for a flexible, scalable solution that will power their growth without the headaches. We offer affordable nationwide 1- and 2-day shipping, and we do it without the surprises that undermine your ecommerce business.

So, how do we measure up?

Get Better Order Fulfillment

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Always Low Cost

No Hidden Fees or Huge Surcharges

Complete Solution

Simplify Your Operations

Highest Standards

No More Lost Inventory

Lowest Cost
of All Deliverr Competitors

Cahoot is built on the Power of Many – and merchants don’t slam other merchants with exorbitant Q4 surcharges and surprise bills.

Our business model is built for efficiency, from our innovative fulfillment center network to our multi-carrier shipping software. We don’t take the difference; it goes back into your pocket with low bills that you can count on.

We also give every customer a custom quote that charges them for only what they need. Deliverr’s cookie-cutter pricing sounds nice, but a blanket price for everyone charges everyone too much.

Cahoot vs Deliverr Pricing Comparison

Fast & Free Shipping
Qualify for fast shipping badges
Nationwide 2-day coverage
1-day Amazon SFP capable
Great rates for standard size products
Great rates for non-standard and large products
Affordable for multi-item and multi-line orders
No peak-season surcharges
No peak-season storage price increase

Standing Out Among Deliverr Competitors

Cahoot is an amazing company offering a seamless third party e-commerce fulfillment service. They’ve helped our company reduce our shipping costs for one of our major product lines by 30%

~Kristofer Koesema, BatteryJack

Top Flexibility Among Deliverr Competitors
Order Fulfillment Any Way You Need It

Extend Existing Fulfillment

Add order fulfillment capacity in select geographies. Fulfill from the cheapest location – yours or ours.

Fully Outsourced Ecommerce Fulfillment

You do all the selling; we’ll do all the shipping. Simple, reliable and affordable.

Full-Service Fulfillment
(B2B & B2C)

Simplify your operations and reduce total logistics costs by consolidating under one roof.

Cahoot vs Deliverr Capabilities Comparison

Value-Add Order Fulfillment
Pre-built integrations with major marketplaces and shopping carts
2-day receiving SLA
2PM Order cutoffs
Custom solution for your needs
Responsive customer service
Flexible & merchant-inclusive fulfillment
Order fulfillment for “difficult” items like food and batteries

Customers Who Switched From Deliverr Say…

The real difference-maker for us with Cahoot was [that Cahoot works] across the board and that regardless of where a consumer is, they can get their product in two days.

The Cahoot full-service solution simplifies our operations and upgrades our delivery experience at the same time.

~Michael P, COO, Cali’s Books

Weekend Fulfillment
Cutoffs as late as 5PM

Faster & more accurate than Amazon SFP requirements

Higher Standards than Deliverr

Wondering why your inventory always seems to “disappear” with Deliverr? They’re offloading and onboarding new 3PLs constantly, so your products bounce around their system – and get lost – constantly. Not to mention; their SLA wavers based on which 3PL you get.

In contrast, we power Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime for many of our merchants. Amazon sets the highest bar in the industry for reliability, accuracy, and speed, and we surpass it. Whether you’re using us for Amazon SFP or for any other channel, you always get the same best-in-class order fulfillment.

Always a Human to Help

Ecommerce isn’t easy, and things go wrong. When they do, say goodbye to waiting for days after sending a ticket in to a faceless queue. Whenever you need help, you can go right to your US-based Cahoot support team.

Get self-help on our support portal or contact us by email, chat message, phone, or helpdesk ticket. Whatever you prefer, we’ll be there for you.

What Do Deliverr Customers Have to Say?

“I have spent the last YEAR phasing my inventory out, due to consistent inventory “disappearances”. My staff spent more time opening up tickets than doing their daily work.”

Deliverr Customer, Trustpilot, 4/8/22

“On several occasions, Deliverr delayed our shipment causing us negative reviews. I have no idea why they are using DHL for domestic shipments. Still stuck with lost packages.”

Deliverr Customer, Trustpilot, 4/11/21

“I had to write the 2 contacts higher up to get results, plus I contacted one of the founders on LinkedIn.”

Deliverr Customer, Trustpilot, 10/05/21

The Power of Many™

Leverage the power of our certified merchant network to rapidly scale your ecommerce business.
Delight your customers with 1-day or 2-day shipping. Turbocharge your sales.

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