Reliable, Fast and Affordable Amazon SFP Order Fulfillment

Worried about losing your Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime badge? Scrambling to figure out how to quickly meet the new nationwide 1-day and 2-day delivery speed metrics? Looking for an affordable nationwide order fulfillment service? Cahoot has your back!

Nationwide 1-Day Coverage

Affordable Fulfillment Mon-Sat

Fast Onboarding

Zero Tech Integration

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Reliable and Affordable Amazon SFP Fulfillment

Why Do High-Volume Amazon Sellers Choose Cahoot?


We Live and Breathe Same-Day Fulfillment

With Cahoot’s peer-to-peer order fulfillment network, your orders are fulfilled by top-rated eCommerce sellers that live and breathe same-day fulfillment and meeting strict 1-day and 2-day delivery metrics – just like you.

Reliable, Proven, and Affordable by Design

Powered by Cahoot’s patented software, Cahoot network partners work together to enjoy some of the industry’s lowest order fulfillment costs and are super-proud of their 99.95% on-time shipping record.

“We heard about Cahoot early in 2021, and we’re glad we did. Before Cahoot, we did a lot of regional and national SFP, but we didn’t know how we were going to handle Amazon’s new nationwide shipping requirements. Now, we’re selling SFP nationwide on a level that we’ve never experienced before.”

– Lonnie Kauffman, CEO, Kauffman Orchards

Focus on Growing Your Ecommerce Business, Let Cahoot Do the Rest

Automatic order Routing & Lowest Cost Label Assignment

Cahoot handles all the busywork – intelligently routing your Amazon orders to the optimal Cahoot fulfillment centers and assigning the lowest-cost Amazon Buy Shipping labels that meet your 1-day or 2-day delivery promise.

Reliable Same-Day Fulfillment Mon-Sat

Because the entire Cahoot network knows what it’s like to live and die by Amazon delivery speed metrics, all your Prime orders are prioritized and shipped the same day. Yes – even on Saturdays!
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Unmatched Visibility

Advanced monitoring and proactive notifications keep you in the loop from order routing to carrier pick-up to package tracking – putting you one step closer to another great review.

“With SFP’s new 1-day delivery requirements, we considered switching to Amazon FBA, but we didn’t want to deal with all the challenges. With Cahoot, we’re able to meet the new SFP delivery requirements.”

– Darren Somerville, CEO, Impact Battery

All The Features You Need to Win The Buy Box

Fast Onboarding & Easy to Use
Our onboarding team works with you every step of the way. your team can learn how to use Cahoot in minutes

Zero Tech Integration
Simply connect your Amazon store, distribute your inventory, and you’re ready to start selling SFP nationwide

Affordable order fulfillment icon

Affordable Fulfillment
Enjoy affordable order fulfillment rates and low-cost ground shipping based on your negotiated carrier rates

On-Time Shipping. Guaranteed
Cahoot monitors all network activity and notifies you of anything you need to know – in real-time. If it’s not shipped on time, we make it right

We’re Amazon SFP Experts
Cahoot is an Amazon Buy Shipping Certified, 5-Star Rated App. We’re laser-focused on helping Amazon Sellers thrive

Nationwide Amazon Prime Coverage
Reach 99% of the US with 1-day & 2-day delivery without building or leasing new warehouses or contracting with multiple third party logistics warehouses (3PLs)

Is Cahoot Right for Your eCommerce Business?

A quick reference on the what types of businesses benefit most from the Cahoot Network

What kinds of ecommerce businesses benefit most?

  • B2C brands or retailers that sell on marketplaces and/or their own websites
  • Typically ships 1,000 or more parcels per month
  • Inventory includes high-velocity SKUs shipping to zones 4-8.
  • The majority of orders are single line, single qty
  • Selected SKUs are standard (no hazmat, no special storage, handling, or custom fulfillment requirements)

Why now?

  • Interested in placing inventory closer to customers to offer 2-day and 1-day delivery in far regions (cont. U.S.) 
  • Looking to save on zones 4+ shipping costs
  • Actively seeking additional order fulfillment locations (e.g., merchants using Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime) 

Seller Fulfilled Prime Consulting Services

Navigate Amazon SFP with Confidence

Cahoot helps many merchants grow with Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) every day. Our team of experts live and breathe SFP and know what it takes to survive and thrive in the program.

In addition to outsourced order fulfillment, Cahoot offers consulting services on:

  • Setting up and managing shipping templates

  • Ideal locations for inventory distribution

  • Identifying SKUs that benefit most from SFP

  • How to stay compliant with Amazon SFP metrics

  • And more…

“Exactly what I was looking for!! From the first call, I could just sit and relax, knowing that the amazing Cahoot team will make sure everything is taken care of from A to Z.”
– Newbend, Owner, Eli Miller

4 Easy Steps to Turbocharging Your Sales Nationwide

Book Your Intro Call
Share your business and challenges

Connect Accounts

Connect your Amazon account, and go through onboarding

Distribute Inventory
Send your inventory into warehouses in the network
Turbocharge Your Sales
Activate your prime badge and start multiplying your sales!


Where can I learn more about Amazon’s new SFP requirements?
Check out our on-demand webinar – Amazon SFP – How to Sell and Win in 2023. If you prefer reading, no problem! Check out our ultimate guide to selling and winning on SFP here.

How does Cahoot order fulfillment compare to 3PLs?
Unlike most third party logistics warehouses, Cahoot is built for high-volume same-day fulfillment and superfast nationwide shipping – at less than ground rates. With Cahoot everything is seamlessly integrated with all your sales channels and all orders ship on your existing carrier accounts. See Cahoot vs 3PLs.

How does Cahoot order fulfillment compare to Amazon FBA?
Similar to FBA, Cahoot is not meant for long-term storage and requires that all goods arriving at Cahoot warehouses be ready to fulfill without further prep. Prep and barcode labeling services are available for a fee if needed. 

Unlike Amazon FBA, the cost structure is clear, predictable, and easy to understand, there are no quantity limits on new ASINs, and there are no peak-season surcharges. Cahoot locations typically receive the inventory within two business days from arrival, unlike FBA which can take significantly longer

How does Cahoot order fulfillment compare to other fulfillment services networks?
Most other fulfillment networks do not specialize in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) fulfillment or adhere to Amazon’s demanding standards. They also typically do not integrate or easily support the merchant’s own warehouse and require extensive technology integration, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Cahoot is truly and fully integrated with all your sales channels and carriers and provides unmatched visibility into all your orders, inventory, and shipping status in real-time, so you are never worried about missed shipments or things falling through the cracks.

What are Cahoot-certified warehouses?
Every warehouse within our network is Cahoot-certified, meaning each has gone through rigorous vetting for excellent storage practices and picking-and-packing standards. This ensures all of your orders are fulfilled on time, every time. Because only high-performing warehouses can be part of the network.

Can I use Cahoot to fulfill orders on my other sales channels?
Yes – Cahoot easily connects with all e-commerce platforms and marketplaces either natively or via technology partners. Unlike other services, you can use your common inventory to win market share with superfast nationwide delivery on all your sales channels. For a full list, visit our partner’s page.

Which SKUs are eligible for Cahoot?
Most SKUs work well with Cahoot. However, some inventory types are discouraged: hazardous, contains alcohol, requires special storage (e.g., refrigeration, temperature-controlled, dry, etc.), or soon to expire. Cahoot even helps you spot the SKUs with the maximum potential for sales in new geographies.

How often do I have to communicate with Cahoot warehouses?
Never. The Cahoot platform is fully automated, and Cahoot coordinates most inter-network inventory shipments.

Learn How Cahoot Delivers Fast, Easy, and Affordable Amazon SFP Fulfillment

Cahoot monitors all network activity to ensure all orders are picked and packed accurately and shipped on-time. If they are not, we will ‘Make It Right’ and independently expedite the order to your customer by the promised delivery date. Fees and penalties are assessed for performance violations, repeat offenders are suspended or removed from the network.

Cahoot Order Fulfillment