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Cahoot vs Shipstation

Fulfill Orders Faster

Reduce Labor Costs

Save Every Penny – Automatically

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21x Faster Labels, Automatically

See how former ShipStation customer – A World of Deals – reduces labor costs and maximizes same-day order fulfillment with Cahoot’s next-generation shipping software.

“When I use ShipStation, I have to sit down, check all the rates, make sure I’m getting the best rate, assign the labels, and… In Cahoot you just press print!

Benjamin Rubinfeld, A World of Deals

Accelerate Order Fulfillment with Faster Labels


With ShipStation

Lots of Manual Comparison and Clicking

With ShipStation, your shipping department spends hours each morning manually comparing shipping rates, tediously reviewing orders missed by complex shipping rules, and anxiously awaiting labels. With so much manual comparison, most merchants can’t start picking orders until late morning and are forced to have early cutoff times for same-day shipping.

Fast order fulfillment process

With Cahoot

Click Print and Start Shipping Immediately

Get a headstart on shipping every morning. Simply bulk-print your labels the first thing in the morning with just one click. Orders are automatically routed to the best shipping location, rate-shopped across all your carriers, and assigned the lowest-cost label. Cahoot is so fast that the moment a new order arrives, it’s ready to ship, enabling you to easily extend your same-day-shipping cutoff times.

When we logged in on Monday morning, the labels were already there. All we had to do was click print. It sped things up tremendously. We’re getting a lot more done in the warehouse on Mondays. Now, half of my shipping staff can work on other things in the warehouse.”

– Mark Applegate, Virtual Exchanges

Ready to Ship More in Less Time? Switch to Cahoot!

Save Every Penny - Automatically


With ShipStation

Complex & Ever-changing Shipping Rules

Shipstation assigns labels based only on the rules you’ve set up. How much you save on labels depends on how complex you make the rules and how well you’re keeping up with carrier rate changes and increases. All other orders require tedious and time-consuming manual comparison, and nobody’s got time for that.

With Cahoot

Fully-Automated Right Out of The Box

Cahoot is smarter and faster. For every new order, Cahoot automatically finds and assigns the lowest cost labels that deliver on time, across all possible shipping locations, carriers, and service types. With Cahoot, you’ll always save every last penny on every package you ship.

“With Cahoot, I’m always sure which warehouse should be shipping each order, no more guessing based on zipcodes. It compares rates directly. We have been using Cahoot for more than a year now, and I can’t imagine a day without them.”

– Ismail Ozokur, OZ Medical

Next-Generation Shipping Software for High Volume eCommerce

Simply put, Cahoot is not just another shipping software. Awarded Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2020 , Cahoot is built for the future of high-volume e-commerce. Here are just a few of the reasons fast-growing merchants are making the switch.

Fully Automated, Streamlines Your Workflows

Traditional shipping software relies heavily on complex automation rules, and yet it still requires manual rate comparison on many orders. Out of the box, Cahoot routes, rate-shops, and prints all your orders lightning-fast with just one click.

Integrates with All Your Services

Cahoot integrates with all popular marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and carriers. It even integrates with your custom-built software via our API. For a full list visit our Cahoot Partners page.

Superior Customer Experience

Unlike traditional shipping software, Cahoot notifies you whenever a problem occurs with carriers delivering your package. So you can proactively resolve issues instead of dealing with angry customers. Paired with custom-branded tracking pages, Cahoot puts you one step closer to another great review.

And All the Stuff You’re Used To

Cahoot is packed with all the must-have features you need to deal with complex orders.

Amazon Buy Shipping Integration

Multi-Warehouse Support

Complex ecommerce order icon

Complex Order Support (multi-line, multi-qty)

Automatic Address Validation

Cahoot customer order search icon

Order Search & Filters

Barcode Scan Verification

Ready to ship double the packages with half the staff?

Easy Peasy Transition

Fast Setup. Cahoot eliminates the need for you to configure ShipStation’s complex shipping rules, it’s there automatically so we can have you up and shipping within a day.

Easy to Use. Cahoot eliminates all of your ShipStation busywork, so your team can learn how to use it in minutes. Simply press Print, or scan a barcode to bulk-print your lowest-cost labels.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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What’s the difference between Cahoot’s network and Cahoot’s shipping software?

Cahoot’s platform is a peer-to-peer order fulfillment services network where top-rated merchants share warehouse space and fulfillment services with one another. 

Cahoot’s shipping software is next-generation e-commerce shipping software for high-volume merchants

Merchants can use either or both. Our fastest-growing clients use both.

How does Cahoot assure that I get the lowest-cost labels?

Cahoot automatically rate-shops each package and assigns the lowest-cost label that delivers your package on time based on your negotiated rates.

If I’m not happy with Cahoot, can I go back to my old shipping software?

We’re sure that you’ll be delighted with how easy it is to cut labor costs in half and double the packages you can ship in a day, but if you’re not happy, you can switch back in minutes – with no disruption of shipping.

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