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World's First

Peer-to-Peer Shipping Network

Smarter and more profitable ecommerce shipping. See how Cahoot can reduce your shipping costs by 40% and deliver Amazon fast!

Why Cahoot?

Cahoot’s innovative shipping network taps an alliance of trusted top-rated merchants to fulfill orders faster at lower costs than anything else out there.

40% Less Shipping Costs

2 Days Faster

Smarter Routing

Say Hello to Cheaper, Faster and Smarter Shipping

Alongside life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you can now add another undeniable right: two-day free shipping on practically everything. But, shipping isn’t free for the retailer. Using outdated strategies like splitting your inventory across the nation or using expedited delivery services can be very expensive and severely erode your profit margins. And, if you bury your shipping costs into the item price, you’ll lose sales and customers.

Declining Profit Margins

Shipping costs have risen at a record rate and profits are falling year-over-year as sellers are being driven
towards zero margins. Even Amazon lost over 7 billion dollars just on shipping in 2016 and is expected to take
another 5% hit on its earnings because of the USPS rate increase on Jan 27, 2019.

How do you survive, let alone thrive in such a brutal operating environment?  Thanks to Cahoot’s revolutionary
shipping network
, you can now offer fast, free shipping at a price lower than ground; and these savings go
straight to your bottom line!

YoY Sales Growth for Channel Advisor’s Clients on Amazon


Traditional Shipping

Before Cahoot

$ 0

Avg. cost: $15.82 x 3 Packages


New Way

Peer-to-Peer Shipping

After Cahoot

$ 0

Avg. cost: $9.50 x 3 Packages



2 Days


Don’t Just Play the Game,
Change It

Solutions to truly complicated problems require first principles thinking, i.e. questioning every assumption you think you ‘know’ about a problem — and then creating new solutions from scratch.

At Cahoot, this thinking has led us to innovate and solve this difficult fast and free shipping problem in a way no one’s ever imagined. With the power of Cahoot’s network, you can now stop chasing Amazon Prime and start setting new industry standards.

Go Green

While Making Green

Now more than ever, consumers want to align with brands that share their values. Not only do you save time and money on your shipments with Cahoot, but you also help drastically cut down carbon emissions. By joining the Cahoot network, you can position your brand as “Environmentally Conscious” and “Socially Responsible.”

Adapt and Win

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to rapid change. Today’s customers expect fast, free shipping and that expectation will only accelerate from here. This is a threat but also an opportunity. Innovate and adapt to this change with Cahoot better than others and you can win big; ignore and expect to go the way of the dinosaur.

Experts Agree:

Cahoot is the Next Big Thing
for Online Merchants

Getting Started is a Breeze

Connect Your Amazon and Shipping Carrier Accounts

Identify SKU’s for Optimization

Print Labels & Ship Orders

Patented Technology,
Purpose-Driven Organization

Cahoot’s patented system is built by ecommerce and logistics experts who have immersed themselves in this problem for over a decade with a mission to create a meaningful impact on the ecommerce world through technology. The result is a solution that’s not only clever and reliable but also very easy to use. Cahoot’s goal is to bring the future of supply-chain and fulfillment to merchants of all sizes, enabling them to compete on a level-playing field while helping the environment.

Join the Network
Unleash the Power of Many

Networks are everywhere – from face-to-face to social networks, telecom, study and business networks. Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber and Airbnb have disrupted traditional business models and our lives in ways never imagined ten years ago. And now, Cahoot is bringing that proven power of networks to ecommerce shipping and logistics to save merchants time, money and their carbon footprint.