Amazon Buy Shipping

We’re very excited to announce the integration of Cahoot and Amazon Buy Shipping, the most robust Integration in the industry, packed with loads of advantages:

  1. Error-free shipping labels every time
  2. No limitations, use Buy Shipping for ALL Amazon orders
  3. A-to-Z Claims protection on ALL Amazon orders, not just Prime orders
  4. Post-shipment tracking proactively alerts you to delivery delays

Error Free
Shipping Labels

Buy Shipping for All Orders

Maximum A-Z
Claims Protection

Post Shipment
Tracking & Alert

Best Error-Free Shipping Labels Every Time

Cahoot is the only solution to do rate-shopping for you and deliver the cheapest shipping rates from Amazon Buy Shipping automatically. Also, no other system notifies you about options to buy labels directly from carriers when it is cheaper compared to Amazon Buy Shipping rates, as long as it promised on-time delivery. This integration means now you can take advantage of Amazon Buy Shipping while enjoying error-free shipping label technology from Cahoot!

Cahoot gives you the option to pick services unavailable at Amazon Buy Shipping directly. For example, Amazon Buy Shipping does not offer First Class Package Service for expedited orders, nor Priority Mail if the expected delivery date is the last day in the Deliver By date range. Cahoot identifies these orders and gives you the option to create them outside of Amazon Buy Shipping.

So for your non-Prime orders, you can save dollars on each of these orders, that’s not chump change. And for ALL of your orders, don’t spend a single minute confirming you’re using the least expensive label that will deliver the package on time, across thousands of labels per day.

All The Benefits for All Your Orders

While other systems limit Amazon Buy Shipping services to only Prime orders, Cahoot lets you use Buy Shipping services for ALL of your Amazon orders. So you can enjoy on all of your SFP shipping labels AND breathe easy with maximum A-to-Z Claims protection on all of your Amazon orders!

No Limits Means Maximum A-to-Z Claims Protection

Other systems limit the use of Amazon Buy Shipping Services to Prime orders only. Cahoot lets you use Buy Shipping Services for ALL your Amazon orders. So you can save money on all of your SFP shipping labels AND enjoy maximum A-to-Z Claims protection on all of your Amazon orders!

Post-Shipment Tracking & Alerts

Cahoot works seamlessly with your Amazon Buy Shipping labels to continue providing you premium real-time post-purchase and reputation management features typically only provided by highly expensive apps like Narvar and Aftership. Get ahead in resolving customer issues through our real-time actionable notifications for all delivery issues, preventing negative reviews days in advance of your promised delivery date.

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