Case Study – HealthyLine

How HealthyLine Boosted eCommerce growth

“[Cahoot] provides an extensive warehouse system to fulfill our orders nationwide, and their software makes shipping cheap and easy.”

~ Kristof, HealthyLine


Reduced Shipping Cost


On-Time Shipping

SFP Expanded

Nationwide Footprint

HealthyLine’s Challenge

  • High shipping costs
  • Long cross-country delivery times
  • Manual processes slowing down warehouse operations
  • Growth held back by limited 1 and 2-day coverage

Cahoot’s Solution

  • Deployed inventory in 5 strategic locations across the country to minimize shipping time and cost
  • Replaced manual shipping software with our fast, automated solution
  • Enabled nationwide SFP & fast shipping on all channels

Helping People Relax Wasn’t So Relaxing

HealthyLine has taken the wellness industry by storm with its revolutionary PEMF and FAR-Infrafed Mats. You have to try them to believe it – if you’re ever in Times Square, we highly recommend that you swing by their showroom and spend at least 15 minutes relaxing on one of their heated gemstone mats!

With features on prominent networks like NBC, CBS, and Fox, their growth took off across multiple channels. They sell direct through, host a significant catalog on Amazon and Walmart, and they also sell through their physical store in NYC.

The top line growth was exhilarating – but it was also becoming more and more taxing for their ecommerce order fulfillment strategy.

HealthyLine relied on a mix of Amazon FBA and self-fulfillment from their own warehouse in New York to ship online orders to customers.

Unfortunately, their approach left significant profit on the table. FBA offers low prices for small items, but it charged an arm and a leg to fulfill HealthyLine’s heavy mats. On the other hand, their single East Coast location forced them to ship across the country over and over, racking up high shipping costs for most of their items. On top of that, they couldn’t offer fast shipping for their WooCommerce DTC store or for Walmart because expedited shipping would have eaten up even more margin.

So, their fulfillment strategy left them in a challenging position. They couldn’t match their fantastic products with a superb delivery experience for the customer, while still paying a lot.

“Cahoot enabled us to do Seller Fulfilled Prime on Amazon, which greatly increased our sales. They provide an extensive warehouse system to fulfill our orders nationwide and their software makes shipping cheap and easy.

Cahoot’s Solution

Cahoot started fulfilling heavy products across multiple channels by strategically distributing HealthyLine’s inventory to four of our US locations, while keeping HealthyLine’s NY location as the 5th node in their new nationwide fulfillment network.

The strategy is simple: the closer we can get the products to customers, the faster they’ll be delivered, and the less shipping will cost.

What’s simple in theory, though, can be complex in execution – especially because we moved HealthyLine off of FBA but retained the growth-boosting Prime badge with Seller Fulfilled Prime. Seller after seller has dropped out of the SFP program in the past year because they can’t keep up with Amazon’s punishing requirements, but with Cahoot, it’s not a problem.

Crucially, Cahoot’s fulfillment network raises the delivery experience bar for each of HealthyLine’s channels. So, they’re not just delivering quickly to Amazon customers – they’re offering the same great experience to customers on their DTC site and on Walmart. The promise of fast, reliable shipping pays growth dividends everywhere they sell, not just on Amazon.

Last but not least, HealthyLine’s new growth is coming at a much better margin thanks to reduced shipping costs. With their heavy products shipping much shorter distances, each order is delivering more profit to the bottom line.

“Their team is always helpful and ready to give advice or find a quick solution to your problems.”


Since switching to Cahoot, HealthyLine has enjoyed a 30% lower shipping cost – no small number for a company often shipping large and heavy items.

Enabling SFP nationwide has freed them from dependence on Amazon, so they no longer stress about ever-shifting FBA limits and receiving delays. Meanwhile, their website’s strong growth reinforces their brand, helps them capture customer information, and of course is even more profitable than selling on the marketplaces.


 Lower Shipping Cost


 On-Time Shipping

HealthyLine isn’t content to sit on their laurels and call the job done, though. They replaced their NY warehouse’s shipping software with Cahoot’s shipping software to boost labor productivity.

Adding new channels is a breeze with Cahoot, so they’ve launched on Nordstrom and Goop to expand their reach. And of course, they’re powering those sales with fast shipping at a high margin.

We’re excited to help them keep growing! Right after we get up from our nap on one of their mats…

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