Cahoot Blog Editorial Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting your article to Cahoot’s blog! We look forward to sharing your insights with our audience!

All articles must be original and ready to publish. The article must be informational, educational, and add value to our audience of eCommerce sellers. You can use a personal tone in your article. Please keep self-promotion to a minimum.

  • Articles must be atleast 750 words long.
  • Images to go with the blog are welcome. Please make sure to email them to us as individual JPG / PNG attachments.
  • Submit the writer’s name, bio, and headshot along with the article for the author byline. Alternatively, we can publish the blog under your company name and logo.

For links,

  • All of them must be HTTPS.
  • They must go to the original source if attributing source material or research.
  • Use descriptive anchor text.
  • Links must add value to readers. Cahoot does not accept external affiliate links.

    After writing the first draft, please edit your article. If a sentence feels long or confusing, please break it up into two smaller ones. Avoid long walls of text by breaking up big paragraphs into smaller ones. Avoid repeating the same word in the same sentence (setting aside words like of, the, an, and, etc).

Here are some grammatical and stylistic recommendations:


  • When listing multiple items, use a comma before the last item in the list (use the Oxford comma).
  • Use one space after a period that ends a sentence.
  • Place punctuation within quotation marks.
  • Numbers less than 10 must be spelled out.

Word Style Preferences

This is how we write these popular words:

      • eCommerce
      • eBook
      • Repricing
      • Private label
      • Internet
      • Round table
      • Buy Box
      • Chris’
      • Pay per click (no hyphen)
      • Out of stock
      • In-stock
      • Third-party when used as an adjective

We look forward to receiving your blog. Happy writing!

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