FAQ – Performance

How is Shipment Defect Rate (SDR) calculated?

We calculate SDR based on Sellers reporting product returns and negative feedback on partner fulfilled orders. Cahoot will review the customer-reported-reasons for the return. Then, Cahoot will adjust the SDR after determining the legitimacy of the claim.

What does Cahoot membership suspension mean?

If any of your performance metrics fall below the established thresholds, Cahoot may revoke your membership at any time. You will not be entitled to any shipping cost savings generated in the previous 4-weeks and other other sellers can no longer fulfill orders on your behalf. Suspended members can appeal to reinstate their membership through a written plan of action that explains (1) the root causes that led to the issue, (2) the actions you have taken to resolve the issue, and (3) the steps you have taken to prevent future issues.

What happens if partner SKUs are not selling well and stays in my warehouse for more than 4-weeks?

Cahoot’s technology aims to minimize long-term storage, however, for merchandise that has been in storage for more than 4-weeks, a nominal fee of $0.50 per cubic feet per month is charged. Cahoot will collect a storage fee from the merchandise owner and pass it to you as compensation.

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