Late Delivery Refunds

Free Carrier Refund Requests!

Why pay someone half of the refund that carrier’s OWE YOU? Join Cahoot and we’ll do it for free. You keep 100% of the refund!

Free Money.

You probably already know that you are entitled to a full refund of shipping cost when UPS or FedEx delivers your packages late. Sure, you can pay a service nearly half of your refund to submit those claims for you, OR …

we will do it for free!

At an average refund rate of 2.4% of total annual shipping spend, we could put tens of thousands of dollars back into your pocket! 

And because Cahoot is also free to join for a limited time, it’s free money. Literally.

Built from first principles with 10 patents protecting it, Cahoot is a paradigm shift, not another “me too” app. Our highly curated network of Amazon Sellers save each other 40% of original shipping cost + 1 business day on average.  Watch the video.

Getting started is easy

  1. Connect your Amazon Account in 5 simple steps.

  2. We will configure a few things like carrier and shipping label settings for you.

  3. You save money on the very first optimized order, and each and every one after that.

“What’s in it for us” you might ask?

Really, the question is what’s in it for all of us? Cahoot is on track to reduce more air pollution than any single company in history by reducing the number of Air and Ground miles traveled moving our online orders around the country. And we do it with technology, not by building more and more warehouses.

Now THAT’s worth talking about.

Cahoot Order Fulfillment