Our Hiring Process

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Our success starts with our people. As you can imagine, we take so much care in building and nurturing this exceptional group. That’s why we take multiple steps to really get to know you in our interviewing process. Most candidates tell us that our process is more rigorous than other places they’ve interviewed.

The candidates that have the best cultural fit are the ones excited for the challenge. If you decide to apply for a position at Cahoot, here’s what you can expect.

What to Expect

Resume – You start by submitting your resume. We’ll look it over, and if it seems like you have the skills and experience we’re looking for, we’ll ask you to complete a Predictive Index (PI) Survey and a Career History Form. Our hiring decisions weigh heavily on these information-gathering tools, so be as carefully detailed as possible. Once we see a high-level fit between your profile and our company, we’ll schedule an initial conversation.

Initial Conversation (via Telephone or In-Person) – We’ll get to know you personally, your career ambitions, and what you look for in an employer. As a top candidate, we realize that you are in demand and that you are also interviewing companies to find the right fit for you, so this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Cahoot, our culture, and how we operate.

Written Assessment Complementing the initial conversation, there will also be a written assessment in which you will be given time to complete. The written assessment is a mix of technical and analytical questions designed so you can impress us beyond your resume. These are questions best answered when you have time to think them over, rather than off the top of your head in an interview. The assessment takes the typical candidate a few hours to complete.

In-Depth Interview (In-Person or Remotely) We make sure you have the practical skills necessary to succeed at Cahoot. Each role has a different exercise. Developers might be asked to code up a little software module, while salespeople might be asked to role-play a sales call. You get the idea. There will also be lots of time during this step for you to ask questions and get to know several members of the team you’d be working with. 

Final Meeting Consider yourself a rock star if you’ve made it this far! This is when we iron out any remaining details on either side and prepare the offer letter.

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