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Tired of fulfillment services that don’t care about your products like you do? Cahoot enables successful merchants with extra capacity to become fulfillment partners and fulfill orders for other merchants. Merchants know how tough eCommerce can be, and they take extra pride in providing a top-notch service.

Combine first-rate merchant-operated fulfillment centers with Cahoot’s innovative software and control center, and you get a fulfillment network that powers higher-quality fulfillment at a lower cost. Old-school 3PL networks can’t compete with the Power of Many.

“Keeping gourmet grocery items safe in the warehouse and then shipping them out without damage isn’t easy. We’ve perfected how to do it for our own business, and now we use that expertise to provide expert grocery fulfillment to Cahoot merchants.”
Lonnie K
PA Fulfillment Partner

World Class Facilities

Cahoot leverages the best warehouse facilities from the merchant community. Each of them equipped with dedicated bins for each SKU and is equipped with barcode scan-verification. With more than a dozen facilities and counting, Cahoot is well-equipped to achieve 1 and 2-day delivery nationwide.

• World Class Cahoot Fulfillment Partners
• Cahoot Fulfillment Partner Vetting

The Cream of the Crop

Few warehouses have the facility and operational rigor to be a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner. Our warehouses undergo extensive vetting process and due diligence, they must pass a 44-point check from Cahoot including multiple checks before and during their partnership.

“We’ve invested a ton in our operations to enable fast and accurate eCommerce fulfillment for our own customers. When we found out about Cahoot, we realized that with them we could monetize our extra capacity and help other merchants with great fulfillment.”
Eric R
CA Fulfillment Partner

Lower Cost from Untapped Capacity

Other fulfillment services are all competing for the same 3PLs that are themselves being squeezed by  sky high industrial rents and labor costs. Cahoot offers lower-cost fulfillment by taping into unused warehouse spaces at merchant warehouses.

• We leverage underutilized space in merchant-operated warehouses to lower costs.
Industry's highest fulfillment standards

Industry's Highest Fulfillment Standard

Our fulfillment partners can offer the extra mile thanks to the Cahoot technology behind them. From 2PM cut off times and Saturday fulfillment, to fulfilling for the intensely demanding Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

“I reached out to 20 other 3PL's and fulfillment centers. Cahoot was the best option for business relations, services, and pricing by far.”
Derek G
Cahoot Customer

Data-Driven Decision Making

Unlike a traditional 3PL model, many key decisions such as shipping service and box selection are done centrally by Cahoot and not made on-the-fly by the person packing at the warehouse. This also includes deciding which location to best ship your orders, Cahoot will compare every location and service that can ship at lowest cost that still arrives on-time as promised.

Three Layers of Checks and Balances

Great fulfillment doesn’t just rely on trust, it takes the right technology and process. Cahoot fulfillment is provided by a select group of warehouses, through an airtight process that’s greatly simplified for the warehouses, using technology that allows greater transparency

“The technology is easy to use and I feel confident in the quality control methods implemented to make sure orders are accurately fulfilled. By requiring operators to scan and verify each item as they’re packed, the error rate is essentially zero.”
Devlin M
Cahoot Fulfillment Partner

Specialized Fulfillment for Your Unique Needs

Cahoot brings together many merchants across the country, each bringing their own specialty in handling various kinds of goods big and small. That includes certifications like FDA, organic, hazmat, and more. You can even bring your own specialized warehouses to our network

Meet Our Fulfillment Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they do better than 3PLs. Our network supports Seller Fulfilled Prime, which has the highest bar for success in the industry.

Nope! We’re happy for merchants to join our network just for fulfillment services. Though if you have extra fulfillment capacity and excellent metrics, you should apply to become a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner.

We go further than other 3PLs to protect merchant privacy and data. For instance, when a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner receives instructions to fulfill your order, they don’t get the customer’s full name on the shipping label – just first name and last initial.

From a merchant’s point of view Cahoot is similar to working with FBA. All you need to do is sign up, get onboarded, ship your inventory to our warehouse, and you’re ready to sell.

On the contrary, the Cahoot software makes it easy for merchants to exceed what 3PLs do. Nearly everything is automated by the system, including which items to pick for the day, what box to use, what shipping service to use.

In addition, Cahoot acts as a control tower that watches over all orders and springs into action whenever anything goes amiss. Find out what our merchants have been saying about us on Trustpilot.

The Power of Many™

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