Cahoot Program Guide

Merchant’s Role and Responsibilities

Fulfillment & Shipping Performance 

  1. Verify Network inventory condition and quantity received within 24 hours of receipt
  2. Fulfill Network orders (pick, pack, and ship) assigned to you by the Cahoot Ship By date, strictly using Cahoot packing slips and shipping labels.
  3. Use pre-assigned packaging materials and instructions for every order to ensure safe delivery.
  4. Do not exclude or cancel optimized orders after the optimized order is assigned to a Network for fulfillment.
  5. Immediately report any issues with Network inventory, not limited to loss, spoilage, theft, or damage. You will be held accountable for improper storage or improper handling of inventory in your possession that results in spoilage, theft, delays, loss or damages.
  6. Report any returned shipments within 24 hours of receipt.
  7. Have USPS End of Day SCAN forms scanned by your carrier every day.
  8. Provide recounts of partner inventory as frequently as every 3 weeks.
  9. Adhere to the Cahoot Policies, Terms of Use, and Code of Conduct at all times.

SKU Selection and Shipment Prep 

  1. Use the Cahoot Advance Shipping Notice to obtain Cahoot’s approval to ship inventory to a Network.
  2. Follow the Shipment Prep Guidelines to prepare your shipment to a Network.
  3. Monitor inventory and replenish often to avoid stockouts that lead to you losing the Buy Box.

*Buy Box owners have control ~80% of the time.

Executive Commitment

It is important that you champion Cahoot with internal operations folks and overcome any resistance to change. Cahoot can be absolutely transformative for your business and we can create amazing value together, but only if you take responsibility for being the change agent.

Cahoot’s Role and Responsibilities

  1. Match highly rated non-competitive partners based on location and historical order distribution 
  2. Optimize and assign orders for fulfillment from Network locations (nodes) and create the best shipping label from the best location based on pre-defined preferences
  3. Track and report Dollars and Days saved 
  4. Track Warehouse Exchange inventory quantity available at all Network locations  
  5. Monitor shipments and promptly report any issues or delays

Workflow, Timing and Performance

  1. Cahoot will optimize all orders for eligible SKUs if all inventory required to fulfill the order is available at a single Network location, using merchant-supported carriers and services. 
  2. Cahoot shipping labels are automatically created throughout the business day, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), until 2:45 PM local time.
    All Cahoot Network orders must be shipped the same day the labels are provided (without exception) which will be no later than 2:45 PM local time.
  3. Shipping labels will be purchased through Amazon Buy Shipping for all Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.
  4. Cahoot considers Shipping Holidays when assigning orders to Network locations. For example, if a Seller receives an order on Friday that has an Earliest Ship By Date of Monday, but a Network location has Monday as a Shipping Holiday, that Network location will be excluded from the available fulfillment options.
  5. You must ship ALL network orders accurately, safely and on-time without exception. Please contact Cahoot Support immediately if you need assistance.


Last updated: 4/06/2020





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