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QBIT Commerce

On-time shipments across all channels
Orders per month across 10+ stores
A partner for your complex order fulfillment needs
Customer Profile
Products : Health & Beauty
Based in : Canada

QBIT Commerce offers a wide array of products under many brands across multiple eCommerce platforms. Based in Ontario, they have been using third-party fulfillment services to serve US customers. Before Cahoot, QBIT partnered with ShipBob because it was one of the first services tailored for eCommerce fulfillment. It was a good decision, because back then, QBIT’s business did not have a lot of brands, and customers are much more forgiving in delivery expectations.

The Problem:

Trapped in a morass of tedious tasks

ShipBob required separate account and login for each of the 10+ stores
Slow receiving crippling them from reacting to demand changes quickly
Cost-prohibitive 2-day delivery service
Frequent billing issues
Over time, QBIT grew more complex with more than 10 stores across WooCommerce and Amazon. It became a problem because ShipBob’s platform was limited to a single WooCommerce account per login. To work around this, QBIT had to create multiple ShipBob account for each of his stores. This was an early sign that the merchant has started to outgrow the 3PL. Having multiple logins makes even simple tasks more tedious. The merchant told us his old 3PL frequently changed prices and made pricing mistakes, like applying wrong rates. QBIT needed to look into the details and catch it, or else it would have gone unaddressed. In addition to this, they also had to deal with payment info being wiped accidentally from time to time. QBIT didn’t have a single combined view of their orders and its fulfillment statuses, making everything more complicated.
It was a nightmare before Cahoot. Every month I have to spend hours checking all my accounts for billing mistakes. It’s bad enough these errors happen, but logging in 10 times to check it makes it so much worse.”
John Perieteanu
Owner of QBIT Commerce
As their products became more popular, their inventory often sold faster than expected. However, ShipBob requires 5 business days to receive inventory, causing stock availability issues among QBIT’s stores. Such a long lead time was tough for QBIT. They could not react to demand changes and restock their items quickly. The eCommerce landscape has also drastically changed since QBIT began its partnership with the 3PL. Thanks to Amazon spearheading free and fast shipping, customers today expect goods to be delivered within two days or less for free. QBIT could not offer Amazon SFP or other expedited services because their fulfillment partner takes more than 5 days to deliver orders while charging a lot more to deliver items within 2 days. Not willing to let competitors win over their customers, QBIT set out to find a fulfillment partner that’s better suited for them.

The Result:

A partner for QBIT’s complex needs

Manage multiple stores easily with a single account
Reduced stockouts with less than 2 days receiving
Access to a vast network of fulfillment locations to offer 2-day delivery
QBIT now outsources its fulfillment to Cahoot, and it was exactly the ‘enterprise experience’ they needed – a partner that can support their complex needs. With Cahoot, QBIT integrates all of its stores across marketplaces under a single account. Now they can see the combined history and status of all orders.
I had my doubts about how this small company can ship thousands of my orders each month. But outsourcing my fulfillment is now so simple thanks to Cahoot’s platform and reliable customer service. They really do everything they can do make sure all my orders are shipped on time and accurately. Almost all my orders are shipped perfectly.”
John Perieteanu
Owner of QBIT Commerce

QBIT is no longer shackled by tedious processes, no more jumping through hoops just to analyze their own data. It is also easier for them to manage their outsourced fulfillment. Billing is now clear and simple, combined across all their stores. Receiving now takes less than two business days. QBIT is now more agile and can focus on growing their business.

Moreover, with more than 99% orders shipped on time, QBIT now has the confidence to expand to more channels. They also now have the fulfillment network to offer 2-day delivery nationwide and elevate their growth.

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