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A World of Deals Chose Cahoot over ShipStation Shipping Software
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Cahoot vs ShipStation Shipping Software - A World of Deals Case Study
Customer Profile
Products : Disposable tableware
Based in : New york

A World of Deals (AWOD) is a New York-based top provider of disposable, plastic, and wooden tableware such as food storage containers, cups, cutlery sets, and flatware from major brands like Stack Man, Ridex, Comet, and Dart. Customers choose A World of Deals products for their excellent quality, convenience, and eco-friendliness. The food storage containers and cups are made of high-quality BPA, translucent plastic that is flexible, microwavable, and brings no harmful chemicals to users.

The Problem:

Rate-shopping with frustration

Manual rate-shopping for multiple carrier accounts
Manual shipping label generation
A World of Deals receives tens of thousands of orders per month. As a merchant with a sizeable volume, they managed to secure discounted rates with multiple carriers. They even maintained multiple accounts from a carrier, each more suitable for different weights and zones than the other. However, maintaining multiple carriers and accounts adds a lot of complexity during their day-to-day rate shopping. The merchant had been using ShipStation to compare rates and generate their shipping labels. It enabled them to quickly assign orders through hardcoded logic that the merchant built into Shipstation. However, the results were not complete. Every day the merchant has to compare rates between services in one account versus the other. For example, using rules from the merchant, ShipStation assigned an order to a shipping service at $9.78. The merchant then selects the order and change it to a second different service (which returns $12.76) and then another different service (returns $12.10). Then the merchant needs to change it again to the first shipping service (the cheapest) and move on to the next order. Imagine doing this for hundreds of orders every day. With such order volume, the merchant only had time to compare a few preferred services before making a decision. A World of Deals was leaving money on the table because they could not truly compare all possible services available. For example, what if USPS Priority Mail is better for this order? Despite Shipstation’s bells and whistles, the merchant’s old process was incredibly manual and tedious, not to mention painful.

The Result:

Speeding up the whole process by 21x

Automated rate-shopping and shipping label generation
Improved employees’ productivity
Thinking there was no other way, A World of Deals simply put up with their old process until they heard about Cahoot from a fellow merchant. Cahoot platform solved the merchant’s problem by automating rate shopping, carrier selection, and shipping label generation. A World of Deals can now process hundreds of orders in a simple click instead of spending so much time on manual rate shopping.
There’s just nothing to compare. Because, with the last platform, the first thing that I did in the morning is sitting down, checking my new orders, and you know, a lot of things that come after that. With Cahoot, my labels are already sorted and created when I came to the office. It just…prints.”
Benjamin Rubinfeld
Founder of A World of Deals
We sat down with Benjamin to record the whole end-to-end process on both platforms – Cahoot and ShipStation – to evaluate how much time he saved with Cahoot. On the first day, the merchant used ShipStation to sort, rate-shop, and print shipping labels for 88 orders in 27 minutes and 45 seconds. On the second day, he used Cahoot for 242 orders in just 3 minutes 40 seconds. All he needed to do is click print and wait for his printer. Nearly all the sorting and rate shopping was done automatically in the system before he even logged in. With Cahoot, A World of Deals greatly reduced the time spent on selecting and generating labels. Cahoot does all the comparing across all of the merchant’s carriers and accounts. Therefore, they always have the cheapest possible labels that deliver on-time even before arriving to work. Moreover, Cahoot not only automates their simple orders but also orders with special requirements like multi-line and multi-quantity orders that are shipped together or split into multiple shipments. Now A World of Deals can process a lot more orders with fewer staff. They’re ready to take on this year’s holiday season without hiring additional staff and corresponding payroll.

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