Amazon Announces Q4 Deal Submission Deadlines

Amazon Q4 Deal Submission Deadlines

As sellers and Amazon arrive at the conclusion of Prime Day 2023, all eyes have shifted to the fall and Q4 holiday shopping season that lies ahead. The online retailer wants sellers to start planning, and it has already announced the Lightning Deal submission deadlines for the rest of its major 2023 deal events – the Fall Prime Deal Event and Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

What Events / Weeks do These Include?

The company has announced Lightning Deal Submission deadlines for 2 events: 

  • Fall Prime Deal Event (known informally as the 2nd Prime Day)

Amazon announced this event, available exclusively to its Prime members for the first time in October 2022. While many speculate the company introduced it to force another wave of shopping from its customers in the lull between Prime Day and Q4, it is still a great opportunity for sellers to capitalize on. 

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday week

Amazon, like every other retailer, aims to capitalize on the surge in sales during this festive time of the year, as the holidays approach. 

When do I Need to Get my Deals in?

  • For the Fall Prime Deal Event, you must get your Lightning Deals in by August 11, 2023. 
  • For Black Friday / Cyber Monday, you must get your deals in by September 1, 2023 

Note: Amazon has only announced deadlines for Lightning Deals so far. You can also submit Coupons and Prime Exclusive Discounts for these events. The company will announce the deadline for these later.

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