Keep Your Treats Intact

Meltable Goods Fulfillment Services

Shipping meltable goods can be a sticky situation, quite literally. Our specialized fulfillment services ensure your delicate treats arrive pristine, regardless of the temperature outside.

  • Temperature-Controlled Storage
  • Expertly Packaged
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime Ready

“Cahoot helped me continue selling when Amazon could not store my inventory during the summer months!”

– Vintage Candy

Seller Fulfilled Prime For Meltables

Nationwide 1-Day Coverage    |    Affordable Fulfillment Mon-Sat      |     Fast Onboarding     |     Zero Tech Integration

Industry’s Highest-Rated Fulfillment Service

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Specialized Fulfillment Solutions for Meltable Goods

The Largest SFP-Ready Network

Achieve your seller fulfilled prime delivery metrics and Reach any address in the lower 48 states US within one day.

  • 100s of locations available
  • Certified for Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • 1-day ground nationwide

Temperature-Controlled Storage

Have peace of mind knowing your meltable inventory is stored safely in our temperature-controlled warehouse. Safe any time of the year, not just the winter months.

  • Multiple locations available
  • Temperatures range from 54 to 68 F
  • Safely stored any time of the year

Expertly Packaged

Additional protective packaging available to help our inventory stay cold even during the summer heat

  • Cold packs available
  • Insulated packaging
  • Specialized boxes

“We have been happy to see considerable savings on parcel shipping costs instantly.”

“We onboarded with Cahoot at the beginning of Q4 2022 with the single goal of reducing our 3PL costs. We have been happy to see considerable savings on parcel shipping costs instantly. What I was not expecting was the excellent level of service from the Cahoot team. They took care to analyze our business in detail before we onboarded so they were certain they could fulfill their promise of service and cost.”

QuickPlay Sports (Amazon seller since 2007)

Sell And Ship Everywhere With
Sales Channels and Carriers Integration

“The most impressive part is the speed at which B2C orders are fulfilled, and the consistently affordable shipping rates obtained.”

“Working with Cahoot is a fundamental part of our strategy for continuing to scale fast. We are an online-first eCommerce brand and work with Cahoot for 99% of our fulfilment needs: from B2C website orders through to B2B wholesale orders, Amazon SFP and replenishing Amazon FBA. The most impressive part of working with Cahoot is the speed at which B2C orders are fulfilled, and the consistently affordable shipping rates obtained.”

Cali’s Books (Amazon Seller since 2016)

Getting Started is Quick and Easy

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Connect Accounts

Connect your sales channels so Cahoot can process your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.


Training and Onboarding

We’ll make sure you understand how the Cahoot software works and train you on the features relevant to your business processes.


You’re All Set

Ship your inventory and that’s it! You’re ready to start shipping with Cahoot. Technical support is available 24/7 to ensure your success.


Most of the time yes, our network of warehouses helps you deliver items quickly at a low cost. And our technology assigns the lowest-cost labels that meet your delivery promise. However, amazon FBA’s fees vary by SKU, contact us and we’ll provide you with a free, no-commitment FBA savings analysis.

Yes, we keep track of expiry dates and ships inventory according to their age.

Cahoot Order Fulfillment