Make Money Fulfilling Orders For Others

Get paid fulfilling orders using the warehouse and team you already have.

Earn Extra Money

Easy Fulfillment

Monetize Existing Resources

Easy Money and No Headaches

Earn Thousands Every Month

Bring a new stable revenue stream to your business by fulfilling orders.

Revenue Without the Hassle

No sales, marketing, order routing, rate-shopping, back-orders, or customer service. Just store and ship to get paid.
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Leverage Your Existing Resources

Large or small, turn any existing fulfillment capacity into new revenue using your current warehouse and team.

Fulfilling orders for Cahoot adds a new, stable revenue stream for our business. We can leverage our expertise in shipping to earn extra money”

Virtual Exchanges

Fulfilling for Others Has Never Been This Simple

Same-Day Fulfillment is a Breeze

Cahoot eliminates all the busywork. When you arrive to work in the morning, all of last night’s Cahoot orders are queued up and ready to be picked. And, throughout the day, new orders are automatically routed to the optimal shipping location, and assigned the lowest-cost shipping label. With Cahoot, same-day fulfillment is always a breeze.

Superfast & Easy to Use Shipping Software

Cahoot gives your shipping team superpowers. As a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner, you’ll have access to our next-generation shipping software. With Cahoot, there’s no time-consuming manual rate shopping, no guessing on what packaging to use, and no shipping rules to maintain. Simply click “Print” and packing lists and prepaid shipping labels are generated in moments.

We Have Your Back

With our onboarding program and training, we make sure you’re set up for success. Our live tech support team has your back, and our extensive knowledge base is available 24/7. Our success depends on your success, so we work hard to make sure that you’ll have the smoothest experience possible.

Start earning extra money as a Cahoot Fulfillment Partner

The Cahoot system makes shipping for others really simple. All the shipping labels are just there, and I don’t have to compare rates or select carriers!

– Ismail Ozokur, OZ Medical

“From signing up to receiving inventory, we were up and running within days. With the Cahoot software, fulfilling is so easy, I only needed a few minutes to train my team..”
Little Family Members
“Before Cahoot, shipping for others was not even possible. Now, I can maximize the use of my warehouse and my team to make more money.”
Southwest Distribution
“We were one of the first Cahoot Fulfillment Partners, and the support team has always been there for us. I never feel lost using the system.”

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Get Qualified

Contact Cahoot to discuss the features of your facility and Cahoot pricing. If there’s a fit, fill out the application form.

2. Receive Inventory

Receive inventory shipments from Cahoot and report back when items are ready for sale. Then orders will start coming.

3. Start Shipping

Simply print the pre-paid shipping labels, pick & pack using the provided boxes, hand off packages to the carrier – and get paid!

Ready to Start Earning Extra Money?

Your Qualifications

  • Minimum of 500 sqft storage space available
  • Able to ship at least an extra 100 orders/day
  • Has been running a B2C eCommerce business for 5+ years
  • Can ship daily Mondays to Saturdays


What is the Cahoot Fulfillment Partner (CFP) program? 

Cahoot is a peer-to-peer eCommerce fulfillment network that helps online businesses offer affordable nationwide 1-day and 2-day delivery by storing and shipping the merchandise for each other. Through the CFP, you can leverage your existing fulfillment capacity to earn money by fulfilling orders for other members in the Cahoot network.

How much do fulfillment partners earn?

A typical fulfillment partner can make several hundred to several thousand dollars per month depending on the space they have, the amount of inventory they receive, and the number of orders they fulfill.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made monthly on the 15th via bank transfer for services rendered in the previous month. For example, payment for services in February will be made on March 15th.

Do I get paid for storage?

Cahoot pays storage fees at prevailing rates after the initial grace period of 90 days. Cahoot aims to move inventory quickly and most inventory gets fulfilled before 90 days.

Who pays for shipping supplies?

Cahoot provides shipping cartons according to the inventory you receive. CFPs are expected to provide fill, packing tape, blank paper for packing lists, blank shipping labels, and any printing ink. Cahoot will compensate the CFPs for any special or excessive packaging required.

How is shipping billed?

All shipping labels you print for Cahoot are prepaid

How often do I have to communicate with sellers?

Never. The Cahoot platform is fully automated, and Cahoot coordinates most inter-network inventory shipments.  

Will I receive items I can’t properly store? 

No, we will ensure that all goods you receive will be in line with your warehouse capacity and what it can safely store.

Do items come prepped and ready to ship? 

Yes, Cahoot requires that all goods arriving in CFP warehouses ready to ship without further prep. Occasionally, you will be asked to complete special projects such as barcoding.

How long does it take to generate shipping labels?

With Cahoot, shipping label generation is super fast and easy. Simply click “Print” and pick list, packing slips and shipping labels are generated for all of your Cahoot orders in moments. 

What is the same-day fulfillment cut off time?

The same-day fulfillment cut off time is 2:45pm local time. Orders that arrive after this time are added to the queue for the following workday. 

Is Saturday shipping required?

Saturday shipping is not required, but it is encouraged. With consumer preferences strongly leaning toward fast and free shipping, Saturday shipping can be a competitive advantage for CFPs on the Cahoot network. 

Can I use Cahoot to generate my own shipping labels?

Cahoot next-generation shipping software is available as a stand-alone product and it generates shipping labels 21X faster than traditional shipping software like ShipStation. With features like a branded tracking page, and proactive notifications for you and your customers, Cahoot shipping software is quickly becoming the choice of high-volume e-commerce businesses everywhere. Learn more.

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