Cahoot Shipping Guarantee

On-Time Shipping. Guaranteed

Cahoot monitors all network activity in multiple ways to ensure all orders are shipped on time, and our robust notification system alerts you to anything you need to know in real-time. If it’s not shipped on-time, we will Make It Right and independently expedite the order to your customer by the promised delivery date.

Late Shipment Protection

What's protected?

  • Late delivery due to a shipping partner error or delay that led to a customer service issue with your customer.

What's not protected?

  • Late deliveries caused by the carrier, acts of god, weather, or incorrect shipping addresses
  • Customer refused delivery
  • Customer requested address change

Returns Protection

What's protected?

  • Wrong item, size, or quantities shipped by a shipping partner
  • Damaged, defective, expired, or open item(s) shipped by a shipping partner
  • Non-new or grade-B item(s) shipped by a shipping partner
  • Order not received due to a shipping partner error or delay
  • Empty packages shipped to your customer by a shipping partner

What's not protected?

  • Item(s) damaged by the carrier
  • Item did not meet the customer’s expectations, or they bought the wrong item
  • Customer no longer needed the item
  • Customer engages in wardrobing
  • Item recalled by the manufacturer
  • Product Detail page errors
  • Customer fraud

How Sellers Benefit:

Increased Sales Potential
Cahoot enables you to offer nationwide fast and free shipping more profitably

Guaranteed by Cahoot
Cahoot guarantees your orders are shipped on-time with the highest quality products or we will make it right.

Happier Customers
Customers are delighted to received orders faster than promised leading to trust and loyalty.


Stellar Performance
Amazon performance must exceed targets with > 96% positive feedback in the last 12 months

Verified Legal Entity
Must be a verified U.S. company in Good Standing with a proven sales history

Ongoing Compliance
Must pass routine surprise audits for 100% authentic products in brand-new condition.

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More Info About Our Shipping Guarantee

How does Cahoot ensure that the packages are shipped on time?

Cahoot technology monitors all network activity in multiple ways to ensure all orders are shipped on time, and our robust notification system alerts you to anything you need to know in real-time. Fees and penalties are assessed for performance violations, and repeat offenders are suspended or removed from the network.

Additionally, we use significant financial incentives to encourage behavior. While only the highest quality Sellers are permitted to participate in the network in the first place, those that demonstrate shipping performance with the highest distinction are offered the most optimization opportunity and keep the highest percentage of total savings achieved by Cahoot.

What happens if the package is shipped late?

Cahoot technology identifies late shipments in real-time and a new shipping label is automatically generated using expedited shipping to give merchants a second chance to deliver the order by the date promised to your customer. Additionally, Cahoot will independently expedite any order directly to your customer if it is at-risk of being delivered late.

What happens if an order is delivered late due to weather delays?

The Cahoot Shipping Guarantee covers shipping performance violations such as shipping late and shipping the wrong item. Unexpected weather events and Acts of God that delay deliveries are not covered by the Cahoot Shipping Guarantee, just as they aren’t covered by carrier Service Level Commitments. Customer’s generally understand that such things are out of the control of online retailers.

Does the Shipping Guarantee replace shipping insurance coverage? Is it an insurance program?

No, the Shipping Guarantee is not an insurance program, and it should not be considered as a replacement for shipping insurance coverage. Sellers should consider shipping carrier insurance to cover valuable items which are subject to limited protection under the Shipping Guarantee.

Is there a minimum or maximum claim amount?

There is no minimum claim amount, and the maximum claim amount is $150.00 USD per order/shipment. Merchant accounts with 3 or more claims will be suspended pending an investigation in which continued eligibility to participate in the Cahoot network will be considered.

Does the Shipping Guarantee cost anything? Is there a premium or deductible?

There is no cost—coverage is free. And you don’t have to pay a premium or deductible. Reimbursements are generally paid by the shipping partner that is charged with the performance violation.

What are the penalties for shipping late?

Additional fees will apply and repeat offenders will have their accounts suspended or terminated. To learn more, see our Performance Violations & Resolutions Policy.

The Future Is Bright

Inevitably, the exclusivity of the Cahoot network (our merchants demonstrate the highest distinction for shipping performance and integrity), and its significant positive environmental impact (unprecedented carbon pollution prevention from fewer miles traveled), will resonate with consumers and help our sellers win more business.

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