Affordable and Reliable Kickstarter Fulfillment Services

You’ve done the hard work and raised funds. Now wow backers, early customers and future fans with an amazing experience on orders from your Kickstarter campaign and beyond.

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Why Successful Kickstarter Campaigns
Choose Cahoot For Order Fulfillment

Fast Receiving

Products are received and putaway in 48 hours.

Industry’s Highest SLAs

Deliver items in 1-2 days using our network of 100+ warehouses.

Lower Shipping Rates. Period.

Enjoy discounts across various carriers and shipping services.

Impress Backers and Fans

Use custom packaging to craft the perfect experience.

Delight Customers Post-Purchase

Deepen engagement with branded tracking pages.

Fuel Your Growth

Handle all your fulfillment needs easily as you grow.

Fulfill Rewards and Pre-Orders With Ease

Funding means it’s time for celebration, not worrying about shipping. Cahoot makes Kickstarter fulfillment simple, and hassle-free.

  • Fast Inbounding

    With our quick turnaround times for receiving, you’ll be ready to start shipping instantly.

  • Defect-Free and Reliable Fulfillment
    Our warehouses have the industry’s highest fulfillment standards, and scan-verification technology ensures every order ships correctly.
  • Nationwide Fast Shipping
    With a network of 100+ warehouses, your product will be close to customers everywhere, enabling fast 1- and 2-day deliveries.

    Reduce Campaign Costs With Affordable Fulfillment

    • Save on Shipping Fees With Zone Reduction

      With Cahoot’s extensive network, packages travel smaller distances, spend shorter time in transit and you pay lower shipping fees.

    • Highest Discounts on Parcel Shipping and Freight
      Enjoy Kickstarter fulfillment at the best rates, no matter what your product dimensions or shipping speeds
    • Automated Shipping Optimization
      Cahoot’s platform identifies the best shipping service to use on each order with zero manual work, saving you time and money

    An Omnichannel Fulfillment Partner For Your Future

    Once you’ve successfully navigated your Kickstarter campaign, Cahoot can help with all your future needs.

      • Full Service Fulfillment 
        Cahoot offers B2C fulfillment across all major marketplaces and shopping cart platforms. We also handle B2B replenishments and Amazon FBA Forwarding.
      • Compliant With Every Channel’s Unique Requirements 
        Each channel requires you to ship differently, by using branded packing slips or shipping using certain services. Cahoot ships with compliance across Macy’s, Target Plus, Nordstrom, Wayfair and other channels.

        Sell And Ship Everywhere With
        Sales Channels and Carriers Integration

        See our full list of integrations with the eCommerce tools you use here

        4 Easy Steps to Turbocharging Your Kickstarter Fulfillment!

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        Distribute Inventory

        Fast rate shopping and label generation

        Watch Sales Soar!

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        Kickstarter Fulfillment FAQs

        Many traditional Third Party Logistics companies (3PLs) have an extremely limited number of warehouse locations, restricting your ability to serve customers all over the country with 1- and 2-day shipping. Once your Kickstarter campaign gets funded, there’s not a lot of time – products need to be received by your fulfillment partner quickly, and shipped to your customers fast. 

        Our peer-to-peer network of 100+ warehouses helps you place your product close to customers, no matter where they live. This helps you deliver all your Kickstarter campaign orders in 1-2 days.

        If you’d like to learn more about the peer-to-peer model, and how it outclasses traditional 3PLs, click here

        With our extensive network of warehouses, your places are placed closer to customers. This ensures that packages travel shorter distances, reach their destinations faster and cost you less shipping fees. Our network helps our customers save as much as 30% over alternative fulfillment solutions. 

        In addition to our network, the Cahoot platform automatically identifies the best shipping service to use on each order, ensuring maximum savings.

        Cahoot is designed for fast Kickstarter fulfillment. We have fast timelines for receiving your inventory in our warehouses and shipping them. Our US based support team will work closely with you throughout the entire process. If there’s anything you need, you can get in touch directly with a human – ensuring a smooth fulfillment process.

        Learn How Cahoot Delivers Fast, Easy, And Affordable Kickstarter Order Fulfillment

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