The Fastest, Smartest Shipping Label Software Ever

The Fastest, Smartest Shipping Software


Manual rate shopping and label generation is a thing of the past. Gone are the days where you would spend hours comparing rates and picking the appropriate shipping labels for your orders. When you start your day with Cahoot, you’ll immediately have the most cost-effective shipping labels that deliver all orders in time.

Not only fast, it’s also smart. Cahoot works for complicated orders like multi-quantity orders, multi-line orders, and even a multi-shipper setup (as in working with 3PLs and dropshippers). No more figuring out who to best ship your orders, now you can sit back relax and let the software do the work.

10x Faster Shipping Label Generation

Cahoot automatically finds the best, cheapest labels for your orders to get to your customers on time. It does so without any human intervention and works with all sales channels, all carriers, and all kinds of orders. So all you need to do is simply click “print labels” when you start your day. 

Automatic Label Generation

Cahoot automatically compares all the services and carriers you support and provides the correct label to each order, seamlessly giving each order label on the day they need to ship.

Automate Multi-line & Multi-qty Orders

Cahoot will remember the right box, weight, and other shipping details for your multi-product orders, seamlessly automating future orders for the same products.

Bulk Label Printing

Print all your order labels and packing slips with just one click. Cahoot will have today’s orders ready to print and ship when you walk into the warehouse.

The Right Package Every Time

Cahoot compares each order using carrier-specific boxes, flat rate packaging, and your custom boxes to find the right shipping service to deliver on time, every time.

All Sales Channels

Handle all your orders across all sales channels in one place. Print and ship orders and push tracking information back to the right channel.

Multi-Carrier Support

Cahoot seamlessly generates labels direct from carriers as well as through Amazon Buy Shipping, sourcing your labels right each time.

International Shipping Support

Expand to international markets with confidence. You can use Cahoot to create shipping labels for international orders using your account.

Cahoot API

Our API enables Integration with your current services, like inventory management systems, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, order management systems, and more. In addition, our XML-based API ensures even your custom-built systems can integrate with Cahoot.

Focus on What Matters

See the orders you need to process today. Cahoot gives you the information you need, when you need it. And all your data is easily available to sort filter and export on demand.

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Network Platform
Flagged for Your Attention

Cahoot monitors your orders and flags orders that need a human touch so you don’t have to find them. Bad customer address information? Shipping carriers having internet issues? Cahoot detects issues, automatically resolves some, and brings the rest to your attention. Never have to hunt through all your orders for a single bad order again.

Package Data & Special Requirements

Review all your product package data and weight. Specify fragile and delicate SKUs to use larger shipping methods. Assign insurance and signature confirmation requirements on a SKU-by-SKU level.

Search, Sort, and Filter Orders

Looking for something specific? Display your data and filter to see exactly the results you need.

Order Tags

Cahoot assigns orders tags automatically to reflect any relevant statuses, letting you find what you need easily.

Automatic Address Validation

Cahoot verifies customer address information and suggests alternative addresses for incorrect addresses.

Flexible Order Grids

Freely adjust all order grid columns, add/hide columns, and sort and filter each data point to get the exact results you need.

Spot Missing Package Data

Find products missing package data. Search, filter, and export your data on demand.

Easily Fix Failed Labels

Printer error? Shipping Carrier API down? See all errors easily and fix them immediately.

Recreate Labels on Demand

Void and create labels as needed.

Designed for Multi-Party Collaboration

Gone are the days of the single-warehouse shipping software. Now you can route orders to the most optimal shippers automatically across your warehouses, 3PLs, partners, or even dropshippers. No need to manually assign orders to warehouses or figure out complex formulas to guess who should ship your orders.

Assign Orders Across Warehouses

Cahoot compares every warehouse you have to ensure every order is shipped from the most cost-effective warehouse location.

Route Orders to 3PLs & Dropshippers

Cahoot’s also intelligently routes your orders to the shipper that minimizes shipping costs. This ensures you save every penny whether you’re working with only your own warehouses, third-party logistics services, or even dropshippers. 

Collaborate Securely

Cahoot’s platform enables your partner to print labels using your account without sharing your credentials.

A Multi-Partner Platform

Cahoot’s platform supports routing orders across many partners and new partners can be added and removed quickly, keeping you agile.

Track Partner Performance

Keep your partner honest. With Cahoot, you can see how each of your partners is performing according to KPIs like on-time shipping.

Monitor All Orders in One Platform

Always know the status of your orders regardless of who is shipping them. The status of all orders are updated automatically in your dashboard.

Customer Experience

Deliver a consistent branding experience and keep your customers in the loop with branded tracking pages, then keep them informed with preemptive messaging if any potential delays in delivery occurs.

Branded Tracking Page

Soothe customer anxiety with branded tracking pages, so customers can quickly track the status of their orders in a consistent experience. Minimize costly WISMO support tickets by having shipment status always available.

Carrier Exceptions Notifications

Get ahead of any unnecessary customer frustration with timely updates about their orders. Cahoot notifies merchants for any carrier exception that can delay delivery, so merchants can preemptively inform customers. Learn more

Order Fulfillment optimization right inventory in right place
Reports & Analytics

Always know the status of every order you have regardless of who is shipping them nor which carrier is delivering them. Easily access any carrier exceptions from your dashboard. Moreover, Cahoot also keeps a record of your shipping performance so you always have backup information to marketplaces’ assessments.

End to End Monitoring

Keep track of all your orders from all sales channels, on all carriers, and shipped by all of your warehouses and partners. All within a single platform.

Performance Monitoring for Amazon

Cahoot keeps a record of your shipping performance so you can compare them with Amazon’s assessment.

Shipment Insights

See order status and performance metrics at a glance through our dashboards.

Track Split Orders

Orders that need multiple shipments can be split and tracked separately, while still being connected.

Additional Rate Calculations

Want to manually check carriers and rates? Compare and contrast rates across all supported carriers with one click.

Barcode Scan Verification

With Scan Verification, you can be sure customers receive exactly what they ordered. Barcode Scan Verification allows a picker to confirm they have the right SKU in the right amount for every order that will be shipped out. This prevents costly mistakes like inventory loss or disappointed customers returning inventory.

Pick and Pack Accurately

Scan UPCs or your specified barcode before you print labels to ensure only the right products go into your shipments.

Compatible with Any Barcode Scanners

Cahoot’s cloud-based scan verification works with any barcode scanner on the market so you don’t have to buy new hardware.

Future-Ready Shipping Solution

Cahoot is designed to help your business continuously improve and handle increasingly fast fulfillment expectations. Our machine learning algorithm ensures you’re always efficient and our platform makes distributed fulfillment with multiple parties easy as pie.

Machine Learning

Insights from your shipping performance will guide continuous improvement, such as better carrier selections or alternative packaging recommendations.

Ready for Distributed Fulfillment

Delivery expectations continues to shorten, from 7 days, to 2 days, to now 1-day delivery. Soon shipping from multiple locations will be the norm, and Cahoot can help navigate its complexities.

Vast Network of Warehouses

Cahoot software customers also have access to our vast network of warehouses to quickly get more fulfillment locations. So you can stay ahead in the game.

Enterprise-Grade Solution



Hosted on the world’s best IT infrastructure, our platform is always open for business. One of the best uptimes in the industry, including 99.99% availability during the holiday season.

Scalable and High Performance

Enterprise strength, redundant cloud architecture for speed, availability and reliability.

Security and

PCI DSS and SOX Compliant. Cahoot utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden our infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures.

Awarded the Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2020 for innovative thinking and driving change in the world

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