Shipping Label Solution

The Fastest Shipping Label Solution Ever Made

With Cahoot, you can zip through your fulfillment process everyday because we provide you the most optimal labels for all your orders as they come in. Everything is done automatically before you even start your computer, no more complicated rules and manually picking orders in the morning. Cahoot works with all your sales channels and equipped with the right tools to find exactly what matters from your order data, so you can take your productivity to the next level.

Human-less Shipping

Cahoot automatically finds the best, cheapest labels for your orders to get to your customers on time. We’ll show you exactly all the orders that need to ship each day, clearing out shipped orders so you never have to get lost in your fulfillment process.

The Right Package Every Time

Cahoot compares your products’ exact package data against each carrier; comparing carrier-specific boxes, flat rate packaging, and your custom boxes against each carrier to find the right label to get to your customers on time, every time.

Automatic Label Generation

Cahoot automatically compares all the services and carriers you support and provides the correct label to each order, seamlessly giving each order label on the day they need to ship.

Bulk Label Printing

Print all your order labels and packing slips with just one click. Cahoot will have today’s orders ready to print and ship when you walk into the warehouse.

Label Sourcing

Cahoot seamlessly generates labels direct from carrier as well as through Amazon Buy Shipping, sourcing your labels right each time.

Automate Multi-line & Multi-qty Orders

Cahoot will remember the right box, weight, and other shipping details for your multi-product orders, seamlessly automating future orders for the same products

Recreate on Demand

Void and recreate labels as needed

Order Management

Seamlessly keep track of your orders across all Sales Channels. See the orders you need to process today. Keep track of carrier status and order tracking to ensure your orders reach your customer’s doorstep on time, each time. Cahoot gives you the information you need, when you need it. And all your data is easily available to sort filter and export on demand.

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Network Platform
Flagged for Your Personal Attention

Cahoot monitors your orders and flags orders that need a human touch so you don’t have to find them. Bad customer address information? Shipping carriers having internet issues? Cahoot detects issues, automatically resolves some, and brings the rest to your attention. Never have to hunt through all your orders for a single bad order again.

Omni-channel Management

Handle all your orders across all sales channels in one place. Print and ship orders and push tracking information back to the right channel.

Search, Sort, and Filter Orders

Looking for something specific? Display your data and filter to see exactly the results you need.

Order Tags

Cahoot assigns orders tags automatically to reflect any relevant statuses, letting you find what you need easily.

Address Validation

Cahoot verifies customer address information, and suggests alternative addresses for incorrect addresses

Additional Rate Calculation

Want to manually check carriers and rates? Compare and contrast rates across all supported carriers with one click

Split orders

Orders that need multiple shipments can be split and tracked separately, while still being connected

Order Fulfillment optimization right inventory in right place

Track your orders every step of the way from your warehouse shelf to the customer’s door.

Package Data

Review all your product package data and weight. Specify fragile and delicate SKUs to use larger shipping methods. Assign insurance and signature confirmation requirements on a SKU-by-SKU level.

Carrier Exceptions

Track orders and see carrier updates in real time. See carrier alerts and track your packages right to your customer’s doorstep

Failed Labels

Printer error? Shipping Carrier API down? See all errors easily and fix them immediately

Missing Package Data

Find products missing package data. Search, filter, and export your data on demand

Flexible Order Grids

Freely adjust all order grid columns, add/hide columns, and sort and filter each data point to get the exact results you need


See order status and performance metrics at a glance.

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