Amazon’s One-Day Shipping: The Real Story for Retailers

If Amazon owns nearly half of the $513 billion U.S. ecommerce market, why the need to offer one-day free delivery? The key to this decision is Amazon’s singular obsession with customer centricity and an appreciation for indirect results that don’t even register on the radar of some competitors.

Insights abound for those able to get past the headlines. Here are three of the most important takeaways that were either overlooked or under-covered in the media frenzy.

  • Rock the Customer Experience or Die
  • ROI Needs a Radical Rethink
  • Double Down on Innovation, Play to Your Strengths

With the expenses involved in offering free shipping, it’s not hard to see why Amazon’s annual shipping bill is set to exceed $7 billion dollars according to the latest estimates. Retailers often opt to pass these costs on to their customers or offer ecommerce order fulfillment options that won’t leave them substantially in the red, but they’re missing the point.

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