FAQ – Reliability

What is Cahoot Shipping Guarantee™?

The Cahoot Shipping Guarantee is a Seller Protection Program that either automatically corrects errors related to a shipping partner’s poor performance or reimburses Sellers for losses associated with the error. Reimbursements are generally paid by the shipping partner that is charged with the performance violation.

Should I worry about partners becoming my competitors?

Not at all, Cahoot specifically chooses partners that do not compete with your products. Our policy strictly prohibits them from carrying (sell on any platform) any of your Cahoot ASINs at any time during their participation in Cahoot and for 12 months following their exit.

Partners never get access to your customers’ personal information such as email, phone, or even their last name. Our policy also prohibits partners from making any customer contact at any time.

What if I miss the carrier pick up time?

Contact the Cahoot Customer Success team to have a new label generated that will ensure delivery by the originally promised delivery date. Fees may apply.

What are the penalties for shipping late?

Fees may apply and repeat offenders will have their Cahoot accounts suspended or terminated.

How does Cahoot address counterfeit products?

We have a zero-tolerance policy. If a customer contacts you about a counterfeit product, please notify the Cahoot Customer Success team right away with all the details and we will investigate promptly. If we learn that a Cahoot merchant is indeed shipping counterfeit products, the issue will be addressed according to our Authenticity & Anti-Counterfeit Policy.

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