How to Make the Most of Amazon Q4 2021

Amazon Experts Share Insights on Getting Ready for a Record-Breaking Q4

Set yourself up for success! Start preparing now to make the most of a record-breaking Q4 on Amazon. Veteran Amazon 3P seller Charlene Anderson, Cahoot CEO Manish Chowdhary, and a panel of other leading Amazon experts from eComEngine, Kaspien, Tinuiti, Cahoot, and Wholesale Sourcing share the actionable insights you need to maximize sales and protect your bottom line.

Amazon FBA Sourcing

  • How to align sourcing, inventory, shipping & promotions

Navigating New FBA Inventory Limits & FBA Fulfillment Alternatives

  • How to navigate new FBA account-level inventory limits
  • Nationwide 1-day & 2-day delivery options that complement FBA

Amazon Advertising

  • The biggest advertising trends & benchmarks in 2021
  • New features to consider right now, including Amazon Posts

Amazon FBA Auditing & Refunds

  • Best practices on auditing Amazon mistakes & getting the money owed

Amazon Customer Reviews

  • What to expect when it comes to product reviews on holiday purchases

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Webinar Recap

Don’t wait until it’s too late – now is the time to start preparations to make the most of Amazon Q4! Here are some highlights from this action-packed and informative on-demand webinar:

How to Strengthen Supplier Relationships and Source Products Year-Round

20-year Amazon veteran seller Charlene Anderson of Wholesale Sourcing Experts shares that sourcing and fostering solid relationships with key suppliers should be a year-round effort. Great relationships can give you a distinct advantage when it comes to getting the inventory you want – when you need it.

How to Improve IPI Scores & Use FBM to Workaround FBA Inventory Limits

Manish Chowdhary of Cahoot offers sage advice on dealing with FBA’s latest storage-type inventory limits and practical tips on improving sellers’ Inventory Performance Index (IPI score), and recommends that FBA sellers adopt an FBM strategy to avoid stockouts and save Q4 sales.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Advertising Spend in Q4 2021

Katie Keyser of Tinuiti provides valuable insight on optimizing Amazon advertising in light of the changing consumer shopping trends and which of Amazon’s latest advertising products will be the most cost-effective in Q4 2021.

How to Get All of the Amazon FBA Reimbursements That You Deserve

Amazon makes mistakes, and automation doesn’t catch everything. Kelsey Gruis of Kaspien provides insights on where to look, how to get the FBA reimbursements owed, and how to use automation to protect your time and sanity.

How & When to Get More Amazon Reviews in Q4

Colleen Quattlebaum of eComEngine offers advice on how and when to ask for reviews for your holiday shopping sales. Hint: It’s different from the rest of the year.

Watch - Making the Most of Q4 on Amazon Webinar

This year more than ever, it’s vital to start now to set yourself up for success and protect your Amazon business in Q4.

Speaker Bios

Charlene Anderson is the owner of Wholesale Sourcing Experts and The Anderson Group, LLC, an online retailer with over 25 years of eCommerce experience. She has been an active seller on Amazon since 2001. Charlene is the author of “Wholesale Sourcing: A Step-by-Step Guide for eCommerce Businesses.” She manages the Wholesale Sourcing Experts Facebook group, a small, curated coaching group for eCommerce sellers focusing on wholesale product sourcing.

Colleen Quattlebaum is the Marketing Manager at eComEngine, and she is committed to helping Amazon Sellers succeed. Colleen reviews the latest market trends and strategizes on how to improve eComEngine’s offerings so that she can pass that insight and value on to Amazon merchants.

Katie Keyser is a Marketplace Specialist at Tinuiti. She has 8+ years working in the digital marketing and tech industry and has become an expert across multiple verticals, effectively helping clients grow their revenue. Katie excels at taking a data-driven approach and executing a tailored strategy to meet her clients’ specific goals

Kelsey Gruis of Kaspien has over eight years of combined sales and management experience in eCommerce. As Kaspien’s VP of Business Development, Kelsey helps brands identify and implement strategic opportunities to optimize and grow their business on today’s leading online marketplaces.

Manish Chowdhary is the founder and CEO of Cahoot, the world’s first peer-to-peer eCommerce order fulfillment network that enables top-rated eCommerce merchants on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and other sales channels to win sales by offering superfast nationwide shipping – for less than the cost of ground. Cahoot was recognized among the top 50 most innovative companies and awarded Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas for 2020.

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