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Top 10 Profit-Saving Tips for Amazon Q4

Amazon already takes as much as 15% of each sale in referral fees – why are you letting them keep extra money on top? 

This Q4 promises to be the biggest ever on Amazon, as experts predict that it will blow last year’s $100B quarter out of the water. In our recent webinar, the founders of Cahoot and Seller Locker share ten actionable pieces of advice for how to maximize your profitability

Manish from Cahoot goes deep on FBA – if you’re not obsessing over item size, bundling, and category, you’re probably letting Amazon fleece you. And moreover, FBA isn’t a complete solution: we go into detail on why you at least need FBA backup to maximize profits.

Joseph from Seller Locker then gives tips on reimbursements; you could be losing over a dollar per item in overcharges if Amazon measures your product even a centimeter longer than it is! He goes on to share advice on how to reduce returns, including how to get into Amazon’s new invite-only PLS program that provides a button for sellers to work with customers before they process a costly return.

Here’s what we covered in our advice-packed webinar:

  • FBA Operational Excellence
  • Why You Need Alternatives to FBA
  • How to Fight Back Against Overcharges from Amazon
  • How to Minimize Returns – including details on Amazon’s new return-interrupting tool

Speaker Bios

Joseph Abitbol, Founder, Seller Locker

Amazon has over three billion units of inventory moving through their FBA network of hundreds of warehouses across the world. With Amazon in full control of your inventory, sales, payments, and returns, sellers can quickly lose a grip on their business transactions.
Our team of Amazon specialists, along with our proprietary algorithms, analyze all of your data to efficiently detect lost and damaged goods, returns, FBA fees and more – so that you receive all the refunds you deserve.
Our software follows all your inventory, from receipt date and on, and calls out all discrepancies.

Manish Chowdhary, Founder & CEO, Cahoot

Cahoot is the world’s first peer-to-peer eCommerce order fulfillment network. Cahoot enables eCommerce merchants to increase sales with affordable nationwide 1-day and 2-day delivery – everywhere they sell. Manish is a 40 Under 40 Competition Winner and holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Bridgeport. And, this year, Cahoot was recognized as one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies. 

Offer 1-day and 2-day shipping at ground rates or less.

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