Cahoot Partners with Walmart Marketplace to Enable Online Retailers to Offer Nationwide 1-Day and 2-Day Delivery

Walmart Marketplace and Cahoot order fulfillment partnership

Marketplace Sellers Leverage Peer-to-Peer Fulfillment to Grow Sales with Affordable Nationwide Fast Shipping.

BRIDGEPORT, CT (August 30, 2021) – Cahoot, the world’s first peer-to-peer eCommerce fulfillment network, announced its partnership and integration with Walmart (NYSE: WMT). Cahoot is now a certified shipping and fulfillment solution for Walmart’s marketplace sellers.

Cahoot’s revolutionary peer-to-peer fulfillment model enables brands and online retailers to affordably provide one-day and two-day delivery nationwide. With its rapidly growing network of eCommerce order fulfillment centers coast-to-coast, Cahoot is quickly becoming the fulfillment provider of choice for high-volume sellers on marketplaces such as Walmart, Amazon, and eBay and eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.

“We’re excited to integrate with Walmart ahead of the record-breaking holiday season just around the corner,” said Cahoot Founder and CEO Manish Chowdhary. “The industry’s rapid growth has fulfillment capacity bursting at the seams. Our novel peer-to-peer model solves this problem by unlocking thousands of eCommerce merchants’ excess warehouse space and fulfillment capacity. Collectively, the Cahoot network is doing for eCommerce fulfillment what Airbnb did for lodging.”  

A Reliable Solution for Walmart’s Free 2-Day Delivery Program

Cahoot’s Walmart Marketplace Integration enables approved sellers to participate in Walmart’s 2-Day delivery program and display the Free 2-day shipping badge on their marketplace listings. Walmart has observed that sellers with this badge enjoy an up to 50% increase in conversion, making it one of the most powerful ways sellers can grow their sales. To help merchants delight their customers with exceptional delivery experience, Cahoot provides affordable same-day fulfillment 6 to 7 days a week and maintains a strict service level agreement of 99.95% on-time fulfillment and 99.9% order accuracy. 

Flexible Across Channels & Works Seamlessly with In-House Operations

The patented Cahoot eCommerce order fulfillment platform provides eCommerce merchants with unsurpassed ease of use and complete visibility into inventory, orders, fulfillment performance, and package tracking – across all sales channels. Unlike traditional 3PL networks, the Cahoot network can seamlessly integrate with existing merchant fulfillment, which upgrades their strategy without introducing more complexity. With Cahoot, orders automatically flow to the optimal shipping point, whether it’s a Cahoot fulfillment center or the merchant’s own warehouse. 

Cahoot has really helped us grow our multi-channel sales. We use Cahoot to fulfill our Walmart 2-Day orders and our Amazon standard and SFP orders. In addition to saving us money, we really like that their software and their fulfillment network work seamlessly with our own in-house fulfillment operations. Our old 3PL couldn't do that.
Kris Koesema
Battery Jack

The Power of Many

Like the Airbnb marketplace of homeowners and travelers, the patented Cahoot order fulfillment network brings together the collective power of SMBs and their warehouses to fulfill orders, thus reducing fulfillment costs and expediting delivery. 

Cahoot is available for merchants looking to expand their reach for one- and two-day delivery services across all selling channels, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more. Merchants can reach a Cahoot fulfillment expert at


Cahoot is the world’s first peer-to-peer eCommerce fulfillment network. It helps online businesses offer nationwide 1-day and 2-day deliveries. In addition, Cahoot’s model is the lowest cost by design because it enables merchants to store and ship merchandise for each other. This novel business model also allows merchants to make extra money using their existing warehouse space and personnel.

Offer 1-day and 2-day shipping at ground rates or less.

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