What To Do When Amazon FBA Won’t Accept Your Inventory

Practical Advice for Boosting Your IPI and What to Do When All Else Fails

For many, FBA’s latest change from ASI-level quantity limits to account-level quantity limits means a reduction of overall inventory storage levels – not good heading into Q4. Managing your Amazon inventory performance index score (IPI) has become more challenging than ever. No one knows whether further restrictions are coming, but if they are, don’t expect any advance notice from Amazon.

Amazon sellers that are overly dependent on FBA for fulfillment may find themselves disadvantaged heading into the Q4 ’21 holiday shopping season – which is expected to be the largest on record. Now is the time for sellers to understand all of their fulfillment options – and be ready to pivot before it’s too late.

Cahoot and Kaspien have teamed up to share insights on how to navigate the recent FBA inventory limits, and explore complementary fulfillment options like dropshipping and peer-to-peer eCommerce order fulfillment – that may just save your Q4 sales.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this How-To Webinar;

  • Primer on Amazon FBA new inventory storage and restock limits
  • Best practices for adapting to the new FBA restrictions
  • Critical dates on 2021’s Q4 shipping calendar
  • FBA Q4 surcharges, inventory challenges, and how to manage against them
  • The pros and cons of various alternative fulfillment options

Speaker Bios

Manish Chowdhary

Founder and CEO, Cahoot

Cahoot is the world’s first peer-to-peer eCommerce order fulfillment network. Cahoot enables eCommerce merchants to increase sales with affordable nationwide 1-day and 2-day delivery – everywhere they sell. And, this year, Cahoot was recognized as one of Fast Companys’ World’s Most Innovative Companies. 

Evan Durrant

General Manager of Dropship, Kaspien

Evan has over eight years of experience managing and growing sales on Amazon and other marketplaces. As the GM of Dropship, Evan continually seeks to refine and improve business processes to provide as much value as possible to Kaspien’s partners.

Ned Woodward

Purchase Order Director, Kaspien

Ned helms Kaspien’s Purchase Order Management team, providing brands with logistical support to meet all their marketplace needs in an ever-changing environment. Ned draws on over eight years of Supply Chain and Logistics experience in B&M and ecommerce, with over six years focused heavily on Amazon strategy. 

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