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Cahoot tech-forward US fulfillment centers help you grow fearlessly with nationwide fast shipping. Our patented next-gen eCommerce fulfillment platform and strict SLAs enable us to exceed the industry’s highest eCommerce order fulfillment standards. With Cahoot, you can rest easy knowing that your orders are being fulfilled on time, every time.

Why Cahoot?

  • Nationwide 1-day & 2-day coverage
  • Reliable same-day fulfillment Mon-Sat
  • 99.9% order accuracy
  • 99.95% on-time shipping
  • Affordable rates on all sales channels
  • Complete visibility click to delivery
  • Fast receiving – 2-busniss days
  • Easy onboarding in 2 weeks or less

“Cahoot has amazing technology in addition to their large warehouse network, sort of like FBA but without the hefty fees or restrictions. Cahoot saved our peak-selling season!”

– Joel Frankel, Fames Chocolates

We've Got You Covered

Cahoot US Fulfillment Centers provide affordable fulfillment services throughout the United States

Our distributed fulfillment network comprises dozens of US fulfillment centers strategically located near major metro areas, shipping ports, and logistics hubs. By placing your inventory closer to your customers, our US fulfillment services reach 99% of the US population in two days and 80% of the population in one day.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Software Makes Fulfillment a Breeze

Our US fulfillment centers give you unsurpassed ease of use and visibility – from click to delivery. Advanced monitoring, proactive notifications, and robust reporting keep issues from turning into problems. And, our extensive partner integrations and eCommerce fulfillment API connect seamlessly to your existing sales channels and order and inventory management software.

Flexible and Inclusive Fulfillment

Whether you want to outsource all or only part of your fulfillment, or you only need additional regional coverage, our US fulfillment centers can help. Unlike traditional 3PLs or marketplace fulfillment solutions, our fulfillment network cohesively works alongside your own fulfillment centers or 3PL warehouses. We can even help you maintain your purchasing power and volume discounts by shipping on your existing carrier accounts

Cahoot Makes Switching Easy

Switching fulfillment partners and trusting them to handle your orders can be stressful – we get it. That’s why your dedicated account manager and our award-winning customer success team stay with you every step of the way. Plus, your warehouse and operations teams can learn how to use Cahoot in minutes. Rest assured, knowing our team cares about your orders as much as you do. Don’t take our word for it. Don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say.

“With SFP’s new 1-day delivery requirements, we considered switching to FBA, but we didn’t want to deal with all the challenges. With Cahoot, we’re able to meet the new SFP delivery requirements.”

– Darren Somerville, CEO, Impact Battery

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How much do Cahoot ecommerce order fulfillment services cost?
Thanks to our unique peer-to-peer fulfillment model, Cahoot pricing is generally lower than traditional 3PLs, 3PL networks, or marketplace fulfillment solutions such as Amazon FBA.  Request a Quote.

How long does it take to get started with Cahoot?
You can learn how to use the Cahoot platform in minutes and can go from signup to nationwide fast shipping in as little as two weeks.

What sales channels do Cahoot US fulfillment centers support?
Cahoot has turnkey integrations and offers affordable order fulfillment services or all leading marketplaces and shopping carts; AmazonWalmarteBayShopifyBigCommerce, and many more. See our complete list of partner integrations.

How does Cahoot fulfillment compare to traditional 3PL networks?
Unlike most 3PLs, Cahoot is built for high-volume same-day fulfillment and superfast nationwide shipping – at less than ground rates. With Cahoot everything is seamlessly integrated with all your sales channels and all orders ship on your existing carrier accounts. See Cahoot vs. 3PLs.

How does Cahoot fulfillment compare to FBA?
Amazon FBA pricing is competitive for small and lightweight items that move quickly all year long. Unlike FBA, Cahoot offers the same affordable price for multichannel fulfillment and competitive pricing for oversized items. Cahoot has no ASIN-level or account-level quantity limits and there are no peak-season surcharges. See Cahoot vs FBA.

Does Cahoot fulfill orders for items that require special handling?
Our fulfillment centers are well able to handle delicate, heavy, and oversized items that ship by courier. We routinely fulfill orders for delicate items such as chocolates or heavy and oversized items such as lamps and home decor, and specialty items like batteries. At this time, we do not handle items subject to hazmat restrictions or items that require refrigeration.

What are Cahoot-certified fulfillment centers?
Every fulfillment center within our network is Cahoot-certified, meaning each has gone through a rigorous vetting process and inspection for excellent storage practices and picking-and-packing standards. This ensures all of your orders are fulfilled accurately and on time, every time. Only high-performing order fulfillment warehouses that maintain our strict SLA of 99.95% on-time fulfillment and 99.9% order accuracy can be part of the network, and Cahoot constantly monitors all network activity.

Does Cahoot handle returns?
Yes! Returns automatically go back to your selected warehouse. If you do not have your own warehouses, packages return to a Cahoot fulfillment center and are forwarded upon request.

How does Cahoot support my in-house fulfillment strategy?
Our network works synergistically with your in-house fulfillment. And our patented eCommerce fulfillment software intelligently routes each order to the optimal fulfillment center, whether it is a node on the Cahoot network or your warehouse. With Cahoot, you can even ship on your existing carrier accounts and maintain volume discounts.

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