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Cahoot is the Next Big Thing for Online Merchants

I’ve thought many times about calling my competitors and asking them to work together on orders that have high shipping costs. The Cahoot platform is a huge opportunity to automate that whole process and the Sellers that don’t join Cahoot in the next year are probably going to be faced with a pretty big financial burden.
Steve Schulte
Owner, U Click it's Shipped! (7-Figure Amazon Seller)
Cahoot is changing the game for online retailers. With Cahoot, merchants can turn shipping from a burden to a true competitive advantage, which translates into more sales opportunities.
I joined the Cahoot Network because it is such an efficient way to deliver orders. Why have we not done it this way before? Revolutionary concept and a fantastic product.
Of all the ecommerce fulfillment strategies I’ve ever come across, Cahoot is totally revolutionary. I joined the Cahoot network because I want to get in on the ground floor of a massive disruption and seize an unfair advantage.
With Cahoot, FBM sellers can now fulfill Amazon orders more profitably than ever. Finally, a disruptive solution for FBM sellers who want an unfair advantage.
Cahoot is an innovative solution to the challenge of long-zone shipping for FBM sellers. With Cahoot, merchants can reduce their costs and increase fulfillment speeds- gaining a competitive advantage and improving their bottom line, two things that every business owner can get behind
Easy to use and instant results. I literally make money the second I print Cahoot shipping labels. And I make more money as more Amazon Sellers join the network because there are shipping partners closer and closer to my customers. Thanks, guys!
A fantastic product created by a team of true ecommerce experts. I am glad to be a part of the Cahoot Network. Cahoot is such an efficient way for Amazon FBMs to fulfill orders.
I’m really excited about Cahoot and the efficiencies gained from their fully automatic shipping label creation which intelligently assigns the best carrier and shipping service from those that I support. And their free Amazon Buy Shipping support allows me to avoid A-to-Z Claims at no extra cost.
LOP Beauty Inc (7-figure Amazon Seller)